1911 Staccato C2 1911 Staccato C2Built to protect and serve, the Staccato 2011 P double stack pistols are designed for law enforcement, military and our protectors. Frankfurt sits on the western bank of the river, opposite the Polish town of. Firearms displayed on this website are for information only. No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99+. Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks. Be up to date with offers, promos and hot deals. Jul 30, 2023 #6 ; C2 with a chunk port. Range trip!!! Staccato P & Staccato C2. I ordered a C2 and now playing the waiting game. My experience was the complete opposite of Greg3458. Buy Now Personalize Tech Specs Built For Professionals Embraced by Home Defenders The Staccato P is approved for duty by more than 1,400+ law enforcement agencies and carried by elite units like the Texas Rangers and the US Marshals Special Operations Group, as well as thousands of officers across. You do not need to remove the grip to swap out the trigger. The Dan Wesson DWX barrel (center), compared to the 1911-style Staccato P barrel (top), and the 1943 vintage VIS 35 (bottom), which combines 1911 and Hi-Power designs. Add to Cart; Magazine, for Staccato P/XC/XL 9mm/38, 17 Rd/126mm, by Staccato Magazine, for STI 1911 45ACP, 6 Rounds, by Staccato. This is known as the Pythagorean theorem. $120 for 20 rounds, $100 for reload. I'm not a fan of the G17-length grip (or Staccato P) for CCW. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. People have been carrying 1911’s with grip safeties for over a hundred years. Staccato P & Staccato C2 | 1911 Firearm Addicts. The match-grade bull barrel, 16-round capacity, and Recoil Master System ensure that you have everything you need to engage targets from point-blank out to 100 yards with ease. Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazon’s store. im sure this has been asked and if not I’m almost. Staccato XC "eating crow". Recently I started having issues with reassembling it. staccato c2 leather holster 7,772 reviews 5 out of 5 stars. New UV Protection shirts for the Range or the Lake!. However, I removed the barrel plug in the bottom of the holster and it fits my 2020 Staccato P Duo with 4. 9″ bull barrel, also bushing-less. Rear Sights: Rear sight varies based on model but would be LPA, BOMAR or NOVAK. The C2 feels very close to the 4. 1911 and 2011 Handgun Owner’s Manual. STACCATO DUO™ SRO PLATE The new STID-SRO features two new o-rings in the front of the plate to assist in keeping the plate secure during recoil along with a bigger, strong, 8-32 Torx screw in the rear. The 407k and 507k share the same footprint as the RMSc/Romeo Zero, and will fit the Carry plate (you just have to remove the rear pins). Staccato C2 w/ Holosun EPS mounting options. Taylor Freelance 2559 Woodbine Pl Bellingham, WA 98229. Adding the Talon grips to my Staccato C2 made an already excellent gun nearly perfect. This will fit any Staccato that accepts Gen 2 grip modules (any of the 2020 2011 lineup and some late 2019 models). Modularity - change out the grip. CERTUM LUX2 IWB/AIWB Holster for GLOCK from $109. The Staccato P and C2 Duo Review. 25″ AOS 9mm Handgun The Prodigy from Springfield Armory® takes the proven 1911 platform and enhances it with double-stack capacity and a performance-driven feature set. It is difficult to rack--very stiff, which I figure with use will become easier. (am I patient to really wait 60-90 days???) But I was curious. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small arms, optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!. NateAdams13; Dec 17, 2022; Buy - Sell - Trade ; Replies 12 Views 1K. We recommend standard magazines to shooters looking for a tough magazine that feeds awesome and locks back reliably in most modular 1911 double stack and 2011 style …. Between an excellent cold hammer-forged barrel and outstanding design, it is the most accurate compact I have in my safe. 9", Fixed Charger Tritium Rear & Tritium Front, by Dawson Precision. Yeah, I have an SRO on a Staccato for concealed carry and it's awesome for rapid and/or accurate shooting, not as awesome for durability. The Staccato C is a phenomenal pistol. The CS is the newest version of a 2011 — meaning a double-stack, 9mm, aluminum framed, polymer gripped, hammer-fired pistol reminiscent of John Moses Browning’s famous 1911. In today's video we take a look at the new Cadre Comp from Threat Cadre on our Staccato 2011X! We had a blast shooting this setup and we were definitley sur. This system uses a full-length guide rod with interchangeable springs, allowing the user to easily change spring weight. By the way - check out C+H Precision. CERTUM3 IWB/AIWB Holster for 2011/1911 from $99. Sad part is I ordered and just received a Tucker HF-1 holster for the C2. 5 IWB Holster - the most comfortable IWB holster on the market. Also for reference 1911’s like to be run wet. Staccato revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a new gun platform, the 2011 ® As we’ve grown, our leading innovation, relentless drive for excellence, and mission to build the. A lightweight and easily concealable package that you can carry all day, everyday. Staccato C2Personalization available Push accuracy: see what's possible with a compact carry. I know that's a generic answer, but I have less experience shooting double stack 1911 type pistols. The Staccato P is offered with an aluminum or steel frame, whichever is preferred. 135" Notch Black Rear Sight Installed. Includes Paddle and Belt Slide. As durable and reliable as the Staccato. 4in Black/SS Pistol - 20+1 Rounds - Approved for duty by over 280 law enforcement agencies across the country (e. So today I finally got some real trigger time with my staccato c2. What I am hoping is Staccato has success with this Grip width and offers it as an upgrade or option when ordering. STI 2011 Staccato C2, 9mm Pistol, Black DLC. WholeGuns is a NEW US Company Owned by Professional Shooters. Carry one of the greatest guns ever with an Alien Gear 1911 gun holster. Staccato 2011/STI ; 1911; Sig Sauer; Springfield Armory; CZ; HK; GSG 1911. When I do that the link either won't align properly or the barrel will drop down preventing the slide stop pin from going through. Staccato CS Review: Best Compact 2011 for Carry?. So whether they will need to go through security depends on where that flight. Footprint number two typically fits the Sig Sauer Romeo O, a Smith & Wesson Shield RMSc, and a Holosun 507KX2. Staccato Disassembly Question. I'm looking for something in the 3. It's 400 bucks and it includes shipping both ways. Staccato 2011® magazines are built specifically for all Staccato 2011® style pistols and frames. The subcompact version which imo shot flatter, even though it has a 3. Page Handguns » 1911 Discussions. Refine by Firearm Model: Colt Government 1911 Colts Commander (1) Refine by Firearm Model: Colts Commander CZ 75 (1) Refine by Firearm Model: CZ 75 CZ 75 85B (1) Refine by Firearm Model: CZ 75 85B Staccato C2 Staccato P (4) Refine by Firearm Model: Staccato P Staccato P4. Allowing the use of shorter sights (which I prefer due to holster. It was priced and released a couple years before the Staccato-P was released. Sidewalk77 Discussion starter · #4 · Mar 8, 2023. -Staccato C2 with soft case, 3 16 round black magazines, papers and test target. 5 Lb Trigger, TAC Texture Grips and is optics ready! Staccato 2011 – Staccato P Built For Duty. The equation “a2 + b2 = c2” refers to the Pythagorean theorem. If you’re looking for a thinner gun and you’re willing to sacrifice capacity, Staccato makes the Staccato C2 and the CS. The Double Cloak Mag Carrier is patent pending. Staccato c2 vs Wilson Combat Edcx9. Staccato XL Variations & Comparables. Compared to a polymer, striker-fired gun, this might seem outrageous, but in the world of higher-end 1911s it’s entry-level to average. Not to mention light as hell compared to the. It’s not loud relatively compared to Springfield XD’s grip safeties. Not much else needs to be said about the Staccato 2011 pistols. And as far as 2011s go, Staccato brings in high-capacity and optic-ready guns like no one’s business. 1 - 20 of 27 Posts A forum community dedicated to all 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. Thus, why I want to figure out what needs to be changed to lighten it up a pound. *In Stock* RH Belt Slide 1911 Holster in Saddle Oil Finish w/Natural My staccato c2 with cheely grip fits perfectly, also with aimpoint acro p2 Raptor Holster for 1911, Staccato 2011, Springf /5 (Based on 0 reviews) Bryan Whatley. When STI (now Staccato) was founded in 1980, it quickly made a name for itself as a custom gun shop for professional competition shooters. See pictures and learn about the 1911 Excelsior motorcycle. Staccato 2011 Gen 1 OD Green/Black Grip. The Staccato C2 Optics Ready double stack 2011 pistol is a huge evolution over Browning’s classic 1911 pistol design. Add to Cart; Basepad, for STI/Staccato 2011, Competition, by Staccato $9. 68K subscribers in the 1911 community. The Ronin is the foundation of the GunfightersINC holster lineup. It improves the opening to enable faster reloads. Have Staccato C2, why get an Atlas?. Get your dream 1911 with a lifetime guarantee. FEATURES: THE QLS 19 FORK MOUNT WILL MOUNT TO ANY QLS 22 or QLS 22L RECEIVER PLATE. Staccato 2011 C2 Pistol Review: Is It Worth $2,000? - The Staccato 2011 C2 is basically a grail gun for a huge portion of gun guys. After shooting my Staccato P, I think I'll eventually transition to the 1911/2011 platform for my EDC. Staccato C2 1000 Round Review: The Best Compact 9…. CERTUM SOL IWB/AIWB Holster for GLOCK $119. lead times are best estimates not exact time lines. 300 x 60° optic-ready: staccato xl. 125" purpose blended Polymers, then fastened with blackened stainless steel hardware. So theoretically you could swap a C2 grip on a Staccato P? Yes, but who knows how many months/years it will be until you can get your hands on one separately. Hitting the target -- even for novices -- is easy. In fact, the Prodigy had my attention as soon …. Approved by over 1,300 agencies. In a letter looking back on his time at IISc,. Pistols shoot great and if you coming from anything else besides a 1911, you will NOT want to go back due to the trigger and shoot ability of the Staccato pistols. • Pull tested and approved for duty use with all barrel lengths. 2021 Staccato DPO price reduction. Fits STI 2011 / 1911 Full Rail IWB Kydex Concealed Carry Retention Holster Right. So for CCW Staccato C2 and just in enjoy it, easier to carry I'm sure, shooting a red dot has actually made me better with. Staccato C2 vs Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight 3. Kadams1563 Giver of Bad Advice. How much does a Staccato C2 weigh with an empty mag. CERTUM LUX2 IWB/AIWB Holster for SIG SAUER from $109. STI Staccato C2 Holsters Carry Your Way. Anyway, many reviews i have read put the Stealth Arms Platypus on par (or better) than Staccato. J-23 said: You probably won't find it anywhere. Think of the Staccato C2 as a bridge between the P and the C. One with a DUO cut and one without. That’s just one less round than the full-size Staccato P. 4 mags (each worked flawlessly at the range last week). 75" W/ DELTA POINT & SUREFIRE Sold Location: …. The C2 feeds and ejects 100% after about 100 factory rounds, and I ensured it was lubed properly before shooting. Would love feedback on which you would prefer and bonus if you have or shot both. After actually handling and firing a bobtail 1911, my mind was forever changed. A forum community dedicated to 1911. Feb 13, 2017 2,345 2,231 North Texas. or 4 interest-free payments of $16. Designed with FlaTec™, our 2011® pistols help shooters of all levels shoot like a professional. Are Staccato guns reliable?. - Staccato C2-Staccato P - Staccato XC - Staccato XL - CoSaint - MPA - Nighthawk - Phoenix Trinity - Atlas - STI/SVI - Bul - Armscor - Rock Island - Remington. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories. OWB holsters, synonymous with quality and comfort, represent a time-honored method for carrying firearms and they fall under the category of open carry holsters (however, some can be concealed rather easily, but more on that later). Capacity with standard magazines is 16 rounds plus one in the chamber. The widest selection of 1911 Barrels available. It is light, comfortable, accurate, easy to carry, and an overall joy to shoot. don’t worry, the Staccato C has a big brother, the C2. STI/Staccato had it sent out to be refinished. QUICK SHIP SAFARILAND 7390 RDS 7TS HOLSTERS. In today's episode of "I Carry," we have a Staccato C2 pistol topped with a Trijicon RMRcc red-dot sight While the C is based on the standard 1911 style, with a single-stack magazine, the C2. There are Staccato pistols being carried all over the country. All but one of mine are showing some wear on the barrels, but it doesn't bother me. TFBTV is part of The Firearm Blog (TFB) and we stick to TFB's philosophy of "Guns, Not Politics. The Lewis structure of C2, the chemical formula for diatomic carbon, is written with two Cs connected by two straight lines. The Carry got the RMSc/Romeo Zero plate and the Tactical got the RMR/SRO plate (along with taller sights). The Staccato C2 is known as the perfect marriage of capacity, capability, and reliability. TFBTV Showtime is a wing of The Firearm Blog, the internet's. We are STI’s custom grip source for both the DVC Stipple grip and Tree Bark grip. , 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. 00 - Free Shipping to Lower 48! Staccato C2 Optics Ready Tactical DLC Threaded Barrel 9mm Pistol, (3)-16Rd Magazines, 4. r/1911 • Staccato c2 with SRO and TLR light. Medium coverage to balance speed and protection, and optic cut to make room for your Red dot. 9-inch double-stack, the Staccato C2, which closes the gap between size and capacity. Staccato C2 with optics cut (referred to as either DUO or DPO slide cut) iron sights and no optics or mounting adapters); normal signs of wear on barrel and magwell and under side of dust cover on rail (see photos). If the flight arrives in B they will have to take a SkyTrain ride to concourse Z and go through security. We do not recommend carry of a TLR equipped firearm without a proper holster. Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with 1911 Firearm Addicts Plus. As mentioned above, the ALS is tightly pressed by the SLS which prevent you from defeating the SLS smoothly. I was really wanting the new Atlas Gunworks dedicated carry gun with officer's grip and aluminum frame. I have a like new Staccato C2 (aka. Fits all Staccato Dawson Precision® Optic equipped pistols, will not fit other cuts. I can’t reach it with my right thumb without breaking grip. The Staccato C2 redefines the concept of a concealed carry gun by providing full-sized accuracy, handling, and shooting characteristics in a smaller package. Houston Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police …. 9in Black 16rd - $2299 Crafted with classic 1911 design, the STI International Spartan V is a traditional 1911 pistol with high-end standards at an affordable price. The C and C2 frames are different sizes to allow for the single stack and double stack magazines. Streamlight TLR-7 Sub Weaponlight. We specialize in 2011 model STI pistol grips. 99 2011 / Staccato TLR1/HL IWB Tactical Kydex Holster - Quickship. So let's go over the Staccato P's features. 0” and it shows out of stock right now. The legacy of the STI Staccato P continues undiminished. 4”, 5” and 5” compensated duty guns (Omni, DVC-P, Staccato-XC) with mounted light. Modifications for Staccato's (list of). Mag Release Spring Wolff: Required Light Medium Heavy. Staccato C2 Series Archives. It's the smoothest racking and most accurate 1911-style I've ever owned right out of the bag. STI Staccato P TiN Barrel Coating. Staccato C2 ships for free! Introducing the all new 2023 Staccato C2 Carry Pistol with tactical rail and 3. Catalog for STI International. The excellent trigger, combined with the red dots, (the fiber optic sights are nice too) really helps with getting on target. I have only fired 200 rounds through the pistol and it has been flawless. That being said, when I found out about the Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy, my attitude changed completely. Staccato’s base model C sits right around $1,700, and the optics-ready C2 reaches up to about $2,300. Compare the dimensions and specs of Kimber 1911 Pro and Staccato C2. The recoil system is a bit different, consisting of dual, non-captive springs, so you need to use the included …. 3 GBB Airsoft Pistol - Black SRC-GB-0763X. Now I'm thinking about getting a CZ75 PCR. So, if you intend to run a 507k/407k, you might try to find a DUO Carry with the included …. COLOR OR VINYL FOR DESIGN IMAGE OPTION. Staccato C2 Personalization available. Hosts include Lucas Botkin and Isaac Botkin. Does someone have a scale handy to weigh their unloaded C2? Weight in ounces please. Hitting the target — even for novices — is easy to do. THE 1911® EXPERIENCE THE WORLD’S BEST SHOOTING HANDGUN. I drove out there and purchased the 5 pack and ordered one online and they were all the same. Go to 1911 r/1911 • Posted by ZOMGBabyFoofs. Dawson Precision® Aimpoint® ACRO P. C2 has seen limited use - less than 750 rounds total. Textures are in order of most to least aggressive in the dropdown menu. Monsoon Tactical Signature Chunk Port Package for Walther PDP, 9MM Smith, 9MM Glock, and 9MM P320 4″ or longer Firearms. STI International Archives. Personally I think the Staccato Gen 3 with the 10-8 extension is the best 126mm C2 Solution. Night Evolution X300V (Strobe Version) Flashlight - FDE. In order to stay at the forefront of the optics cutting industry, we frequently add new combinations of slide/optic cut and update the options when new items hit the market. Customize your Staccato XC, XL, P, & C2 today!. Staccato obviously did some serious research and planning in developing the Staccato CS, and it’s paid off. Please fill out this form to receive a customized quote on your Wilson Combat Firearm. OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND KYDEX CONCEALMENT IDPA HOLSTERS ; Our minimalist OWB IDPA and CONCEALMENT holsters are designed to be carried with the maximum comfort and safety in IDPA competitions and everyday OWB concealment carry while …. Staccato P & C2 Limited Edition: Special Configuration. this is subject to change without notice. Built for professionals and embraced by home defenders, the Staccato P is approved for duty by over 1,400 law enforcement agencies across the country (e. Specifically, the C2’s dimensions are 7. Staccato or whatever the fuck they are calling themselves know this. Our holsters are built to exacting standards for the correct fit and retention. Staccato C2 vs Springfield 1911 EMP. The C2 ships with the Carry DUO, not the Tactical DUO like the Staccato P. Housed within the frame are the slide rails, fire control group, thumb and grip safeties, slide stop, and railed dust cover. 14 top pick, C2 DPO with the Leupold Deltapoint bottom. Staccato C2 Push accuracy: see what’s possible with a compact carry. I also weighed all three guns fully loaded with Winchester Ranger 124gr +p+. Staccato, the fastest service pistol. That’s some pretty good advice above. Compare the dimensions and specs of Staccato P and Staccato C2. Tags comp aiwb carry comp carry holster aiwb for c2 comp holster for comp p comp carry. The trigger job was $350, and lighten the trigger was $100 to be more precise. With the same great features of our flagship Thunder Classic model, such as precision machined mold tooling. I finally got to see a Staccato C2 last week at a LGS. One of the leading voices on behalf of gun owners in the never-ending political battle to preserve gun rights and the right to self-defense. My Weber tactical (3 gun holster) fits my full rail rock island tac ultra and my staccato c2. Where you point, she will print. The entire pistol is required for this fitting service. If it's in Z there will be no security check to reach the connecting flight in Z. I talked myself out of it, but the thought crossed my mind. I have two of them but the other has an optic so I don't know if the …. Architects use the Pythagorean theorem, which is expressed by the equation: a2 + b2 = c2, in designing and computing the measurements of building structures and bridges. So I have its unloaded weight of 25. YOU PAY MSRP, NO PRICE GOUGING AND WE PAY SHIPPING TO YOUR FFL. Does everyone AIWB with a Staccato C2 and what holster do you use? Reply. The C2 DUO / DPO comes in two optics versions like someone mentioned above. Springfield Armory 1911 Ronin Emp. The pistols Dave puts out are one-of-a-kind masterpieces, working primarily on the 1911 and 2011 formats. Staccato C2 – C&G Holsters">Staccato C2 – C&G Holsters. 8" Bull Barrel Frame/Material Aluminum Frame w/ Accessory Rail Finish/Color Diamond Like . OWB/IWB Combo Quickly transition from OWB to IWB to carry for any occasion. Based in Texas, Staccato is known for its 2011 platform, a. Below are the details on the sight cuts used on STI Pistols. This service is only available on our Staccato C, C2, and Staccato P (4. I've got Glocks, Wilsons and now the Staccato C2 which weighs only 26 ounces unloaded. Probably the next few months, wanna give the Shield Plus a run for a bit. They are worth it if you don't mind getting a big gun in a small, minor caliber. Firearms purchased from Dawson Precision must be shipped to a licensed. I Carry: Staccato C2 Pistol in a Blackpoint Holster. 5 IWB Holster - The Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Holster. Compare the dimensions and specs of Springfield 1911 EMP and Staccato C2. I bought this sometime last year and never installed it. It was practically love at first sight, and first shot. As you can see, depending on your choice of Holosun sights, it may require you …. The 1911/2011 Platform is probably the safest Pistol you can carry cocked N locked. All pistol transfers are by appointment only. Staccato P & C2 Limited Edition: Special Configuration. will be my first Atlas and pretty. Under Staccato, the concealed-carry line started with the C, which was a single-stack pistol. Although similar in many ways, the CS is a. I am running it irons since I have a P DUO for exploring red dots. New Springfield Armory EMP Ronin : The Smallest True 1911. The loops work with 1¾” belts, and you can adjust for both height and cant by flipping around the loops. 5 Inch Threaded Stainless Barrel. SKU: 10-0101-000102UPC: 816781016747Pistol, Staccato, C2, Semi-Auto, 9mm, 3. The Cloak Mag Holster is the most innovative magazine holster on the planet!. 100” lower profile for $145 + T&S. Deciding between Staccato C2 or a Staccato P with a C2 grip, looking for input. Universal holster for pistols running the Surefire X300, Streamlight TLR-1, Modlite PL350 weapon lights. I also notice the Optic plate is thicker where the optic sits. So as the title says, I have a Staccato C2 (with grip reduction) that I like very much. Our new 2011® Magazine is manufactured out of 410 stainless steel, producing a magazine with longer life, greater strength, and better corrosion resistance. It's listed under "Services" on their site and you have to choose the "Tac …. This double stack STI 2011 pistol is a huge evolution over Browning’s …. Push accuracy: see what’s possible with a compact carry. in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. It field strips just like any other 1911/2011. They are both set up with rmr’s, and over the coming weeks I will alternate carry with them and shoot them side by side in order to. Reconfigured around a double-stack magazine, the Prodigy’s polymer grip module mounts to its forged steel frame offering capacities of 17+1 and 20+1. I recently purchased a Staccato C2 TAC DPO and intend to mount either a RMR or a SRO on it. Staccato Gen 2 Grips, Tactical Advantage, by ">Magwell, for Staccato Gen 2 Grips, Tactical Advantage, by. see faq section for further details. TRADE Staccato STI DVC 3-Gun 2011 9mm 5. Owners and or enthusiasts of Staccato and other 2011’s E-commerce only for non FFL items Springfield Armory 1911 DS Magazines. The second largest difference between the two is (Atlas Titan vs P and/or XL) the Atlas is noticeably flatter shooting AND quicker to shoot. However, the two guns also have some significant differences. Reconfigured around a double-stack magazine, the Prodigy’s polymer grip module …. 2691 Views 6 Replies 6 Participants Last post by Dump1567, Apr 21, 2022 Jump to Latest Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with 1911 Firearm Addicts Plus. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small …. ) while enhancing capacity and reliability. Those are loud when engaging quickly. $20 mecgar magazines with TTI …. Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with …. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care. C2 runs regular 1911 Government length mainspring cut down to 19 coils. Staccato P Range Ready Bundle MSRP: Choose Options. Come read up on the pros and cons of the C and C2. Compare the dimensions and specs of Staccato C2 and Staccato CS. From item description: ""The Staccato C2 DPO Tactical ships with a front sight which, when used in conjunction with the appropriate Staccato 2011® optic mounting plate (sold separately), is designed to co-witness with industry leading full-sized red dot optics such as the Leupold Delta Point Pro, Holosun 508/509, Trijicon RMR, Sig Sauer Romeo. • Works with iron sights, as well as most optics currently on the market from Leupold, Trijicon, Aimpoint, Sig, and. Different Versions of the C2. Staccato 2011 C2 Pistol Review: Is It Worth $2,000? – The Staccato 2011 C2 is basically a grail gun for a huge portion of gun guys. Free $100 E-Gift Card Free $100 E-Gift Card will be sent via E-mail Staccato C2 Compact Carry Pistol 1999. 20 LPI checkering provides a better grip for more control and adds that custom look. The G-CODE Eclipse is a minimum bulk, multi-positional, concealment holster. Staccato 2011 C2 9mm Optic Ready Pistol with 4. 9" 16rd Optic Ready Pistol w/ Threaded Bull Barrel - Black. Light bearing Level II Duty Holster. Will hopefully get a chance at the C2 living close to STI headquarters. This is to maximize concealment and help fight what is called “spill over”. Out of curiosity, are there any other double stacks that are carry size? Is Staccato the only double stack 1911, hence the 2011? Forigve my ignorance, I'm new to this. Case in point: the Staccato-C, a compact, single-stack 1911-type pistol chambered in 9 mm. , I carry my Staccato C or C2 in a Staccato P-length holster; G19 in a G17-length holster; P229 in a P226 holster, etc. C&G Kydex holsters built with decades of the best Law Enforcement, Military and Engineering experience. Newbie ? on C2 Duo and grip/safety. For carry, I prefer the C2 length so I would personally say to go that way. 300 x 60° optic-ready: staccato xc. So I give it five stars for quality, and workmanship and the cross draw of …. Staccato 9 mm Guns for Sale. THORNBURG LIMITED TERM MUNICIPAL FUND CLASS C2- Performance charts including intraday, historical charts and prices and keydata. Just enough spring tension to keep the mag release in place until you're ready for your reload. I don't believe Staccato makes one but you can fit or have someone fit any 1911 thumb safety. Most smaller guns feel like small guns, but CZ found the magic though and built the P-01 so that it’s smaller but doesn’t feel like it. An American heritage Our Story We are Staccato Act With Honor Based in the heart of Texas, we are veteran-led and over 25% of our team has served our country. Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact SAO Review. Staccato C To find more information on the Staccato C, please visit the Knowledge Center. Had the pleasure of getting to try the Staccato CS. Wanting to purchase a Staccato C2 and just not sure which way to go. Protect yourself and your family …. Staccato is set to continue what Strayer-Tripp started with STI; These are the Staccato C, C2,. Glock 43 vs 43X: Which Is The Better Concealed Carry Handgun?. Staccato c2 failure to extract. Magazine, for Staccato C2 9mm/38, 17 Rd 126mm, by Staccato Dawson Precision is the experienced shooter's source for top quality pistols, parts and gear. Click here for the fastest service! Phone 855. Shop Holsters We Make STI Holsters For: Staccato XL: Duty One Lite 3 (1911). The Staccato P is a custom pistol that is assembled using high quality parts. Any holster that fits the P will also fit the C2. Infinity Initial Impressions. Staccato CS is a premium handgun that combines precision, performance, and reliability. Search for a certified Staccato dealer near your location. This limited edition optic-ready Staccato C2 takes it to the next level of possibility with a DLC threaded barrel, 3. The formula for calculating the length of one side of a right-angled triangle when the length of the other two sides is known is a2 + b2 = c2. Compact and lightweight, the C2 is durable, reliable, insanely . Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small arms, optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews. In specific is there any appreciable advantage of the CH plate vs the New Dawson plate? The only thing I can tell from the web site is the CH setup is 0. Designed for concealed carry, the Staccato C2 is a high capacity 9MM with a 3. More Details; Staccato P Dawson Precision®Optic. Add to Cart; Magazine, for Staccato C2 9mm/38, 16 Rd/120mm, by Staccato. LF Holster for Non Railed 1911 4"/4. To us, staccato is the sound of bullets pinging off of steel targets in quick succession. Of course, there is more to be said so we said it. Yup, the standard optics plate on the Staccato C/C2 DUO is made to fit the Romeo 0/Jpoint/etc pattern. Need Help Choosing A Stacatto. trigger upgrade recommendation Staccato c2. I was looking in to getting a C2 Duo but with how hard they are to get, I ended up finding a Gen 1 4. No cheap feel, you can tell its handmade by a craftsman. The Staccato CS is the smallest, lightest, and most concealable addition to the Staccato pistol family, and debuts a new grip designed for a range of hand sizes. Staccato XC The Unfair Advantage Buy Now Personalize Tech Specs Effortless Fun Feels Like Cheating The Staccato XC is more than a gun - it’s a truly memorable experience. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun …. A proper holster should fully cover the trigger guard area, preventing accidental discharge of both the firearm and light. Familiarity - Military time with 1911. Safety: Ambidextrous extended levers. Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Tapatalk. Our Lightning holster is our premium light bearing holster model. The P is the full-size model, with larger and a smaller double-stack model (the Staccato C2) being available as well. Add to Cart; Basepad, for All Calibers, STI Style …. This rig utilizes our tried and true Military Grade. Euro Optic | Grab A Gun | Primary Arms | PSA | Brownells | Guns. A Sig P365XL with Shield RMSc, a STI 1911 with Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, a Ruger 1911 with Holosun 507c, a STI 2011 with Trijicon RMR06 and two STI 2011’s with. Staccato’s C2 limited edition pistol has all the options, X Series Cuts, 4. Staccato c2 front sight replacement. original bag and papers as shown. Driven to deliver the best of American ingenuity and …. The C2 is lighter because of the aluminum frame vs. P standard if you don't mind the grip length and weight for carrying. After owning/owned plenty of 1911’s I’m looking to purchase my first 2011. Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband) $62. Staccato C2 AND a Glock 19/MR920/OZ9c/etc. Specialty & Machine Gun Rentals. 00 View attachment 881742 Sold Out Staccato C2 AL Frame Threaded Barrel, MSRP 2499. Firearms TRADE PENDING Staccato XL 2011. The Acro lives on an FNX-45 Tactical for OWB carry through the woods and whilst riding horses. The XMACRO COMP has a shorter P365 barrel, an integrated compensator, and comes with 2 mags. From elite shooters to everyday range shooters, the Staccato XC delivers incredibly flat and fast shooting. Includes: Belt Loops and comes in Standard Black. But would still need the Dawson cut to run the C&H Precision plates. Frame: SAS2 / Aluminum full length with picatinny rail. 9C Slide + Anderson Manufacturing Kiger9C Frame. Compare the dimensions and specs of Staccato C2 and Springfield 1911 Loaded. Replaced grip modules, triggers and magazine …. It has around 57,000 inhabitants, is one of the easternmost cities in Germany, the fourth-largest city in Brandenburg, and the largest German city on the river Oder. DR wonders of the C2 will eventually get this feature, as well. Why Use TLR 7A - The Streamlight TLR7 A is the best compact size handgun light for mid size STI 2011 handguns like the Staccato P, and C2 models. SOLD I am selling my Staccato C2 that I purchased new earlier this year from Wichita Gun Club here on the forum. I've already pre-ordered a Holosun 507K to put on my C DUO. Staccato gave the new CS 1911 pistol a side extractor for extra grip on the case, unlike the larger C2. I would be willing to take it off your hands. STACCATO 2011 C2 MARPAT Camo Digital 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA) GI#: 102455107. r/1911 on Reddit: Should I get the edc x9? Is it worth parting ways. Afternoon Addicts, Just in from Staccato a couple of the hard to get C2 DPO's Staccato C2; Caliber: 9mm Barrel: 3. But always the base P or C2 models. To order, call our friendly sales team at 866-300-1911. The traditional 1911 grip doesn’t fit my hand well, and they’re not typically enjoyable to shoot – at least for me. I have had both at once, sold them, now have an aluminum P again. I'm just speculating, but I'm hoping someone who's tried it out can give us their thoughts. Compare the dimensions and specs of Wilson Combat EDC X9 and Staccato C2. Dawson Precision® Optic "Patented" Tactical Reflex System for Trijicon RMR/SRO. It has just a slightly larger profile than the normal C, but gives a shooter double the capacity with 16 rounds of 9mm. Marui M1911 · Marui M45A1 · Marui V10 · Marui P226 · Marui MWS · SIG AIR M17/18 . ***METAL GRIP UPGRADES 8-12 WEEKS DUE TO VENDOR DELAYS***. Tyler Freel The Dan Wesson DWX has an external extractor that’s like those on the P-10 pistols, and the barrel design is also borrowed from the P-10. COM">Talk me out of Staccato C2. Only compensator endorsed and used by STACCATO 2011® After 34 years of designing compensators, Dave Dawson has brought his experience to optimize the STACCATO 2011® P performance. Increase your feel, grip, confidence, and accuracy. or 4 interest-free payments of $15. Want up-to-the-minute gun and trade show coverage and announcements? You're in the right place. Maryland Elite Firearms Maryland Elite Firearms Baltimore's Best Pawn www. High-capacity magazines are for those planning to miss a lot--Bruce Nelson. Staccato, 2011, STI International, STI Firearms, STI, 1911, pistol, name change, Joe Kurtenbach Related Stories STI International Adds Suppressor-Ready HOST Pistol. That means that it uses a 1911 slide and has a proprietary frame that connects the slide and grip module. 150 rounds through it at my first range session. Starting with a robust body formed using. CNC machined to exact tolerances from stainless steel or carbon steel w/blue finish. RMR Footprint Optics Require Trijicon Part # 600757 (you provide) 509 models are direct mill. For real estate help and to subscribe to our newsletter:https://www. Best 1911 Pistols For the Money in 2023. I had more luck on more focused forums like "snipers hide" and "1911addicts". Hopefully you can adjust the trigger some. The Staccato C2 DPO Tactical features the 2011 frame at its core. cadconversions · #47 · May 4, 2022. Add to Cart; Recoil Master, for Commander/Officer Size, 3. Excellent condition Staccato C2 DPO optic ready 9mm with Extreme Shooters grip, this is the reduced grip Dragon scale module in OD Green, gun also has a Cheely Flat trigger installed (original trigger included as well) and a Wilson single sided bullet proof safety. From the retired special forces veteran shooting consistent 100-yard shots in sub 4 seconds to the everyday range shooter hitting 25-yard-targets with ease, the C2 provides accuracy never experienced in a …. If I didn't have either, I would probably pursue a C. The reason I bought C2 was that I was introduced to "Extreme Shooters" company who made Gen1 grips for Staccato pistols. 4 is the "softest" where my dot lifts the least and I feel the least energy transferred into my arms. Staccato boys will hate this, but they really aren't much nicer (if at all) versus a higher end Springfield 1911. :) Jump to Latest Follow Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with 1911 Firearm Addicts Plus. Buy Stache IWB Premium Holster Kit And More. The Staccato C2 is equipped with a double-stack magazine. The Ronin embodies Gunfighters’ core principles of simplicity, ergonomics, and durability in every way possible. Jump to Latest Follow A forum community dedicated to 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. And then, they didn't seem to fully insert, see pic. Whether your preference leans towards a leather OWB holster, OWB Kydex holster, or even nylon OWB holster, Craft Holsters is …. 67K subscribers in the 1911 community. ly/Garand-MIRA ACRE GOLD (Exclusive 9mm Golden Bullet). Thread starter NewGuy308; Start date Jul 30, 2023; Forums. We try out the new FBI Marksmanship test with the STI Staccato C2. When I google "1911 commander holster full rail" I …. Got my Tisas 1911 US Army version today. The Wilson SFX9 sub-compact takes all of the best features of the 1911 platform and combines them with modern upgrades to make an extremely concealable and high-capacity single-action pistol that is worthy of the Wilson …. Current Stock: Perfect If you have a Staccato C2, use our STI/Staccato Gen 1 Tactical Advantage Magwell available here. I’m big on systems and it fits my hand better. Raylan Givens · #2 · Oct 11, 2021. I find it interesting that an STI DVC C is bringing well over MSRP these days. The holster base is joined by a custom-molded retention shell, made for your make and model firearm. Pure Staccato: shoot better wherever your path takes you. This a great option for thread-on compensators and suppressors The cost of this service includes shipping your pistol to Staccato, parts, labor, and. TwoThumbs495 said: In a somewhat related note, I was looking for a Safariland duty holster and found my P320 X5 holster worked with my Staccato P…I say that to say maybe try a P320 holster. 15 barrel model and then the C2 came out. I have the C2 and have never held a DVC C, but find it a bit confusing that it is worth the extra $500-700 more that people are paying. The Contender is consistent, intuitive and an all-around asset whether you’re in high-stakes competition, running practice drills, or having fun on the range. Staccato C2 Holsters; Staccato P Holsters; Staccato R Holsters; Staccato XC and shoulder holsters for all Staccato firearms. He described it “rapidly coming into favor in England, al. 10/18/2023 *In Stock* RH Belt Slide 1911 Holster in Saddle Oil Finish w/Natural Stitching. Let our team help you make the best choice. I do like the SA grip/texture versus my C2's and P. The nub itself seem to have poor gap tolerant to the gun as well. Staccato handguns are currently issued, authorized or carried by almost 300 departments nationwide to include the Los Angeles Police Department and the Texas Rangers. "To form a combination for mutual defense against a probable a. My favorite though is Atlas Gun Works NYX v2. I’ve been getting more and more interested in the Staccato pistols, and started looking into them more and more. What do you carry and train with now?. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small arms, optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, …. When you are ready to proceed with your order, please use our Dealer Locator to find your nearest dealer and submit the provided quote to them. The C2 is available in various finishes, and a lifetime warranty also backs it. Are Staccato guns reliable? These guns are at least as accurate as my 1911. " TFBTV does not accept money in exchange for positive review. lead times: optic cuts, ignis porting and coatings 6-8 weeks. FORMED WITH CNC PRECISION MOLDS. Safariland 6360RDS Level Three Retention Duty Holster, Red …. The Staccato C2 is the new Glock 19 size pistol from Staccato. Another problem encountered with the R1 includes an 80-style internal firing pin safety, which leads to a grittier trigger pu. Dara's Level II Duty Holster is not just any OWB Holster with a hood slapped on it. I hope they work out the issues. I've completely taken apart Staccatos C2, P and R several times. Staccato C2: Dawson or Chambers Custom cut?. STACCATO C2 (TRADED TO @Stiller101) AND/OR COLT 6920 M4 CARBINE (TRADED LOCALLY) FOR A DAN WESSON, WILSON COMBAT, NIGHTHAWK 1911 (. I've put the Wilson Bulletproof Tactical (slim profile) ambi thumb safeties on two of my 1911s - they're. We first introduced the name Staccato in 2019 for our duty and personal defense-oriented pistols. Trigger type: Modular trigger system / Short curved trigger shoe. Posted by Hugh M on Aug 15th 2016. I recently purchased a Staccato c2 second hand. I could easily pickup the sights in daylight and at dark. The CS is the newest version of a 2011 — meaning a double-stack, 9mm, aluminum framed, polymer gripped, hammer-fired pistol reminiscent of John Moses Browning's famous 1911. Gear & Services We have you covered.