Oral Minoxidil Results Reddit sublingual absorption is superior in some ways. Then, two months ago, I noticed increased chest hair growth. Didn’t try topical as I was a diffused thinner and retrograde alopecia sufferer as well as hairline recession and crown thinning so the. My hair line overall is filling in. Even though topical finasteride seems to be getting more and more interest and adoption, the consensus seems to be that oral is more effective, and if you can tolerate it you're better off just using that, topical is more of a fallback. I understand it's extremely short period of time to say anything, but some people insistent on this update. Minoxidil 5% before and after pictures 4 months progress on oral minoxidil 2. What hair growth you'd see would be mostly of oral minoxidil individually. 5mg) is some strong stuff! After two solid years of 1mg fin and liquid minoxidil, I had definitely hit the peak of my regrowth. The Minoxidil before and after photos below show gradual improvement of symptoms at 12 and 24 week intervals, following use of oral Minoxidil taken once a day. AlexanderIlyich • Name Brand Propecia 1mg / Oral Minoxidil 3. And then there is a risk-benefit assessment. As a male I understand the typical dosing is 2. Very happy with the results so far. So do topical, if you can, and no more than the recommended dosage. Minoxidil concentrations were chosen based on most common reports in the literature: 0. First handful of times it made me slightly light headed. On this episode we will be covering Switching From A Topical Minoxidil To Oral Minoxidil. Gentlemen, I'm kind of at a loss here. I cannot specifically point to any new hairs. Biggest update, 10 years, 18y/o to 28y/o. 5 mg alternate day was found to produce quick results in male patterned baldness of advanced grades with minimal adverse effects. Increased density in beard, eye brows, arms, chest and stomach hair. If I blow-dry my hair, I see many hairs coming in on my scalp, especially in the more stubborn crown areas. Something nuclear would be Spironolactone. Topical minox worked somewhat for me, hairline gotten better with thin hairs all over, but crown had minimal regrowth, if any. Results may occur at 2 months with twice a day usage. Why Oral Minoxidil for hair loss?. Oral Minoxidil Versus Liquid Minoxidil : r/Minoxbeards. 5mg with expected side effects and increased to 5mg for a month now. On a few occasions I have taken 5 mg a day. It is now available over the counter, and is most commonly administered (as a topical serum or foam) to the site of hair loss to extremely. 5 h, and ∼5 weeks, respectively. 5mg tab) and I started to see growth. Never went above 1mg for fin, and I take 2. 6 months of minoxidil (rogaine) 2X per day results. Nothing on the hairline at least, I saw an increase in hair at different locations starting from around the 3 month mark (cheekbones, eyelashes, eyebrows, hands). These results are consistent with our resolved. You must be so happy with this miracle. 01% tretinoin for male pattern hair loss: a randomized, double-blind, comparative clinical trial - PubMed (nih. But shedding started like Crazy now, and what if i don't recover from the shedding and i become a non responder to oral. Result Timeline for Oral Minoxidil and Dosage. Even to the medical community it's considered a last ditch vasodilator because of how extremely potent it is. It can also take 6-9 months for results to show, meaning a patient does not know if it will actually be effective until months down the road. 5 mm) and applied minoxidil 5% directly after. Anyone who’s able to maintain using minoxidil alone doesn’t have aggressive hair loss and wouldn’t have ended up progressing to NW4-5 territory for years. (200mg spiro, 5% minoxidil 2x/day, tri-lo-sprintec birth control, 2% keto shampoo 3-4x/week, rosemary oil 3-4x/week mixed into my shampoo, nutrafol vitamins, dermarolling 1. 5 mg oral minoxidil for about a month. According to a study published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, an oral minoxidil dose between 0. I pay without insurance at CVS. Here are the top 10 points that prescribers and users of minoxidil need to know. 2) As general, is a none sense ( I did learn it in a hard way ) using Systemic medication to treat hair loss. So either you can keep using min (liquid or foam) and hope for the best or implement new protocol i. 25mg once a day for about 3 years with no regrowth and just barely maintaining as I was losing hair during every shower still and noticeably increased diffuse thinning still. when you start to loose massive amounts in short time after you shed almost zero you have a shed. To notice significant results AT LEAST 4-6 months. 34, noticed my hairline was visibly receding/thinning. It's really common to get gynecomastia (aka bitch tits) in steroid using body builders. Any experiences with oral minoxidil? Been using topical minoxidil for about 4 months now with little to no results. Minoxidil works best in places were you got hair, if crown suits that profile then yes, if you have more in the front then on the crown then it will work better in the front. Just take oral minox don’t drink topical minox as it contains. 8 cm2 Group 2 (microneedling only every 2 weeks): 23. drinking topical minoxidil. And topical application still gives certain degree of systemic absorption, specially people who use 2ml per day as it's written on the box. Noticed hair all over the body thinned out. RedditShare on Flipboard Share via Email Comments. Progress with 6 Years fin and a FUT (2017 vs 2023) r/tressless •. 25mg a day for a little over a …. The mixture contains Ethanol 96%, purified water, propylenglycol and of course minoxidil. 25 at night) If I see good results, does anyone have an idea of how long it takes before seeing said results. Was worried about sides so I took dosages tested from the studies. My advice on Rogaine/Minoxidil. However, strangely, despite the academic data - …. Yes, I believed I experienced another dread shed but I was also losing a ton of hair already. surgery, hormonal, stress, pregnancy, etc. Premature discontinuation of treatment commonly occurs because of the lack of perceived efficacy, adverse effects, or altered hair texture. Had decent results from topical minoxidil and microneedling. Oral Minoxidil for Hair Loss: Better than Topical?. Oral minoxidil may have fewer side effects while delivering the same results. This dose is regarded as the 2nd best treatment against hairloss (the 1st and best treatment being 0. oral minoxidil effectiveness 2. Tell them topical min is causing you problems (itchiness, greasy hair whatever)) and ask them about oral min. 183K subscribers in the tressless community. Hey Guys, Over the years, minox gave me dark circles, under eye wrinkles, under eye hallows, and significant water retention. RESULTS: 7 months Minoxidil 5% + Saw palmetto + Topical finasteride 0,25%. 625mg dose on alternate days; any further changes to the dose will be discussed in your follow up consultations. 26 were given topical, and 26 were given oral. I made a similar post, but I realized there are some better pictures to show I had a hair transplant, so don't count the hair improvement on minoxidil. 1 to 10 μM for oral intake and about 1 mM for topical application of 5% minoxidil (100 mM) in skin tissue (Regaine 5% minoxidil topical solution; monograph, February 2013), assuming 1. 100% would keep losing on this drug after 2 years. So after years of tying pretty much all meds, I think I finally found something that works here. For some men, you may need to use this product for at least 4 months before you see results. 25 mg of oral minoxidil (tablets) daily from april to July. I'm applying the topical Minox 2x a day (last 2 months, around 2ml each time), and I started taking oral Minoxidil just 3 days ago (1. At 30, I was losing all hope that any of this was fixable or reversible. Curious if there are studies or examples of 2. Additional things I am doing are: derma-rolling once a week (skip RU58841 and one dose of minoxidil on the day I derma-roll; 1. Oral and topical have nearly identical results in clinical studies but oral are more. I have a short hair, and I lose this amount on the daily. I’m getting close to month 5 on 2. I would be curious to see an article/study regarding oral minoxidil and collagen. So you’ve put 50mg on your head. Why? I don’t know maybe I’m a oral non responder and a topical hyperresponder and my scalp absorbs and coverts a % of minoxidil. I can understand your concern and skepticism about this company. Yes, to becoming more hairy all over. But multiple studies have found that using a dermaroller and minoxidil together may slow hair loss and increase hair growth. Wife and I moved to a bigger house in 2002 with a much bigger mortgage and I was stressed about money so I stopped using minoxidil for an entire year until my wife asked me what the fuck is up with my hair. There are 50mg of minoxidil in 1mL of your 5% topical solution. Regrowth has happened, but seems like it slowed down a lot. even the drs that prescribe it say only take it once a day There is no scientific data that splitting the dose will make you. 05% fin) which is a topical solution all in one. No NSAIDs are approved for long-term . The mechanisms by which minoxidil promotes hair. I’m seeing a lot of growth in the front especially. You could spring for good old Rogaine, which comes in both a foam and serum formulation ($28. oral minoxidil for beard growth. However, it was discovered that the drug could stimulate hair growth. Here is my story: I started losing hair at 15 and have been slowly losing hair . [Advice Needed] On 50mg Fin and 100mg oral Min daily, density isn’t as high as I’d like. It generally lasts for 6 - 8 weeks (known as the initial shed), and then typically at 6 months you can evaluate results. results, it is imperative that patients continue to take the medication as directed. While it’s a helpful explanation, it seems as it’s written more about topical minoxidil. 5mg a day for over 10 years along with topical minoxidil and very happy with the results. Oral minoxidil is not FDA approved for hair loss. Minoxidil does stack, as for example people using topical and oral have better results, as do people using 15% minoxidil compared to 5%. * weight gain from fluid retention. Hi, im 22 years old and ive been taking finasteride for 1. The only things I've done in these months are: -10 days of antibiotics 3 months ago -Shift in oral minoxidil dosage (from 2. Also, oral Minoxidil is an Anti Hypertensive drug which can cause hypotension, Kidney issues, etc. 2% of people may get postural hypotension with low doses of Minoxidil. I use minoxidil topical treatment, been using it for almost 2 years. It dries and flakes after application. The studies on oral Minoxidil that indicate the potential risks exist, but it must be kept in mind that they were done on doses of 40mg and. Im hoping that I get more results from oral min in the next few months but idk. Search for Minoxidil and oral Minoxidil content, because your question has …. (regrowing hair after losing it from telogen effluvium, which is typically a temporary hair loss following some sort of trauma, e. Also, dut reduces 10% more scalp dht than fin, if I want to experience side effects then I would rather have my scalp dht to 0% and that will be taking 2. I am on the same thing plus topical once at night for 4 months now and my results are mediocre. My dermatologist says he has about 200 patients, all men, on oral minoxidil to prevent hair loss, and that only about 1% have reported back with erectile. If your heart can tolerate, doesn't mean you'll not get other side effects though (Eg. Until i decided to try oral minoxidil pills then later taking topical minoxidil in water 2 drops a day. 5 to 5 mg/day for maximal efficacy. Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of July 2022 · Reddit. My hair transplant Dr prescribed 5mg oral minoxidil. I think it would be naive to assume that there aren’t risks taking the drug long term - minoxidil is all but a last resort when used for treating blood pressure (you’d struggle to find a cardiologist. My hair is the same as it was before I had any issues. This is my progress on finasteride, minoxidil, and Nizoral after 2. Its use in hair loss is entirely off label. Even topical minoxidil effects your heart. Dermatologists Embrace Low-Dose Oral Minoxidil as Hair Loss Adjunctive Therapy. Of the 117 patients treated with LDOM, 60 % also received topical 5% minoxidil twice daily (combination therapy). Replacing Minoxidil with Castor oil. I started oral minoxidil last night : r/FemaleHairLoss. Topical most likely takes longer to get to peak serum concentration but half life is variable specific to compund (and will differ slightly depending on person). It’s relatively safe but why risk it when you don’t need it. Wait 30-40 mins for it to absorb and apply moisturizer. Same hair length hoping it can recover some more. Whilst Minoxidil is a spray that you apply to your scalp, Finasteride is taken daily as a pill. The only notable side effects were sodium retention, tachycardia, and hirsutism. I use topical Rogaine in the daytime and 2. have been on oral Minoxidil 5 mg. 99), or opt for a specialty brand like Hims, which offers products containing both Minoxidil and Finasteride, an oral pill that has been clinically proven to address hair loss and regrowth. 40% of topical minoxidil patients were 'regrowth' responders [2], 65% of oral minoxidil patients were 'regrowth' responders [1]. Ketoconzole shampoo + derma rolling once a week + finastride + minoxidil. But, I don’t think swapping would induce Telogen Effluvium lasting for as long as you did. There is a huge fear monger and over expectation about these drugs. Oral minoxidil vs topical minoxidil pros and cons. Stop use and ask a doctor if you do not see hair regrowth in 4 months. Also, OM works for up to 90 percent who take it, as opposed to the 40 percent who use topical Min. 221 days oral minoxidil : r/tressless. Oral minoxidil is used by the hair loss show and everyone seems to follow their guide to fin so I don't see why so many people are against oral minoxidil. 4 months on topical finasteride/minoxidil results. An analogy would be minoxidil is like making sure your garden has good sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Couple minoxidil with derma rolling and finastride, you'll 2x your growth. K take it with a good saw palmetto extract to block DHT. These include increased hair growth, weight gain, fast heartbeat, and chest pain. I'm also at work right now so …. 5mg twice daily gets better results. All Oral Minoxidil Users: Do you take your oral min as …. 5mg daily for 5 months now and have seen good results so far, no sides except for maybe some slight weird hair growth in. 4,5 months update on 1mg Finasteride 4x a week, Minoxidil 2x a day and occasionally rosemary oil and saw palmetto capsules. 5mg Oral Min, nizoral ×3 week, 1. I have been using oral dutasteride at 0. Not ignorant at all it is a good question. Just use it on your face and you'll likely get a ton of body hair. TL;DR Finasteride/Minoxidil 6~ months, no side effects, good results so far. (26M) I went to a hair specialist with a Norwood 3 hairline a little over a month ago, and in the 5 weeks since, I have applied topical Minoxidil 5% …. Your doctor will tell you which of these are most important for you. I don't think you would have had those results without dermarolling. Finasteride And Oral Minoxidil. Studies suggest that low dose oral minoxidil (LDOM) requires decreased follicular enzymatic activity compared with its …. I’ve seen several derms and hair loss specialists, all. 1mg fin, 5% min, and essential oil blend along with microneedling once per week. However, taking high doses of minoxidil can increase prolactin levels which can lead to libido and ED problems. With topical finasteride, you can expect it to help inhibit the production of DHT, a hormone that contributes to hair loss. Never had much if any thinning anyway. 25 MG oral minoxidil in May of 2022 and changed to 2. Anyway I have been using the product since late October and although I haven't been using it long I can see some really great results That I thought I'd share with everyone. You can use two in the morning and two in the evening. Then the hair on my chest started speeding out and changed texture to curly. switched from topical to oral 3 weeks ago and the convenience of a pill alone is what will ultimately. Skin over all the body seemed a bit loose. oral minoxidil and oral finasteride. There are, of course, a couple of caveats. September, probably the worst of it. The main side effects for me are lightheaded ness and fatigue. Think about starting finasteride too. It depends on where your hair cycle was at when you commenced it. 5 MG pills, and although the prescription said 2 times a day, I was taking it once in the morning, and doing the topical Minoxidil at night. Yes, in its usual dosage (for the original purpose) it is dangerous. My experience with oral Minoxidil : r/tressless. There are quite a few amazing "1 month on minoxidil" results that are actually just people recovering from TE spontaneously, and it can give you a very skewed perception of how fast things should progress. Yes, but do so safely! It is after all, a drug. Hey guys, My dermatologist put me on oral minoxidil about 6 weeks ago after doing topical for 2 years because my thinning was increasing. Food and Drug Around 80% of men using prescription finasteride saw positive results, and results . But being on the Spironolactone with it I think made the shedding less. The easiest way is to schedule a phone consult with a hair transplant surgeon. Minoxidil is terrible, I recently came off oral after taking 1. I take 5mg a day oral and topical ru mixed with minoxidil (sadly no stopping) 2. All good, no significant side effects. I asked if 5mg once a day was high, they said they would also consider it to be high. It is making my beard thicker and coarser. Both are available as oral and topical medications. Finasteride Taken for male-pattern hair loss, Finasteride is an oral medication that blocks . severe shedding after switching topical to oral. 5mg and that's WAY cheaper than the topical which can run you $50 for a 3 month suply. Below are some great hair regrowth results of men who took topical Minoxidil 5% and …. 5mg My hair issues have completely reversed by this point. There's also the convenience factor - pill is. oral minoxidil; By Pephair September 2, 2021 in Hair Loss Drugs. The normal hairloss goes on with minox. I hear a lot of people claiming success with minox on the hairline, but most of them seem to also be taking fin. But the regrowth here is lighter, incredibly thick, growing in a different direction, has a perfect hairline, and a noticeable gap to non-regrowth. Today I started Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil Spray. Been monitoring my blood pressure almost on a daily basis and so far it's within normal range. Easiest is via desktop browser. It has worked well for me, but yes, you’ll most likely have to use it life long. Later, new hair growth may be noticed on the back, arms, legs, and scalp. Beware of those fake dermarollers. The improvement in total hair density from baseline to 24 weeks resulted in the following: Group 1 (topical 5% minoxidil): 18. 5mg) and slowly weaned up to 5mg at bedtime. The typical dose of oral minoxidil used for the treatment of high blood pressure ranges from 10-40 mg daily. I would suggest, however, that you also take a low dose of Finasteride. The popular belief that oral is more effective, comes from one small study conducted on 52 women. If you leave it in for 8 hours it will all absorb into your scalp, and in the morning you can shower the greasiness away. Good results so fast on such a low dose. This is a reasonable substitute for finasteride for those of you who can't manage finasteride because of side effects. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Any weightlifters/martial artists/athletic types here using oral minoxidil?. did you notice mild chest pressure/pain on the right side the first few days?. I don't usually post much but wanted to give you my experience about minoxidil tablets. Thinking about upping my Oral Minoxidil dose from 2. 25mg with monitoring by a specialist. But it didn’t last too long, maybe a couple of months. I use it once a day, I put rogaine on my scalp either the morning or a couple of hours before I sleep. Rogaine's Minoxidil for the past two months, and he's seen some visible results. you're supposed to quarter it to get the recommended 2. These are the results thus far: Crown ( can't tell. 5mg is a lot more then double 1. I am just dumbfounded how this doesnt grow hair at all on some people, myself included. 25 mg (extremely small risk of side effects), oral minoxidil gives you way better …. In July 2020, a review of 16 studies encompassing 622 patients concluded that oral Minoxidil is an effective and well-tolerated hair loss treatment. Oral Minoxidil for Hair Growth: Everything You Need To Know. So I would say do both oral and topical minoxidil. Do you have any questions? Go!. so this would last me ~8 months. Yes there is hair literally all over my body now, but that is an easy tradeoff. Here are the before and after results of oral Minoxidil. After 30-40 days, my shedding period started. I have a hairline, but it’s thinning from the front to the mid scalp. Kind of scared to stop topical since my hair feels stronger now and sheds way less. Still on topical for over a year. My routine is Finasteride 1 mg a day, Topical Minoxidil 5% twice a day, and Derma Rolling three times a week. At the end of the day it’s your hair, and your choice, but fin is one of the only long term solutions to treat hair loss. You will actually have more testosterone in your scalp on dut, than without it. Ninety percent of the blood in the penis is contained in the corpora cavernosa during an erection. 25mg good results in hair growth. 25mg daily finasteride (approaching nine months), have been considering upping to 5mg to gauge different outcomes. The first few weeks, I began to notice that my hair was getting thicker, my beard was getting stronger and my body has more hair overall. 5mg daily But had been on topical for just over 2 years as well. The corpora cavernosa are the erectile tissue of the penis. There are plenty of studies for people who use oral minoxidil 5+ years. Neither viral infection nor 2 years of oral Minoxidil caused any measureable damage. So using three drops would result in ingesting 4. Roman starts selling oral minox for $30/mo. I started oral minoxidil last night. Doctors and patients are seeing positive results from using low-dose oral minoxidil instead of, or alongside, topical treatments for some . I've put off oral Finasteride due to the side-effect risks (even though the risk is extremely small) and hated the idea of putting Minoxidil oil in my hair every night for the rest of my life or dealing with foam products. Oral minoxidil does bypass the topical's contraindication (deficient SULT enzymes on the scalp), but I'm not sure it vasodilates the scalp as effectively. I did go through a shed when switching from topical to oral Min, but it only lasted for the first 4 weeks or so. According to this sub, fin always works lol. Prior to over application of the Minoxidil, I had a sparsely covered hairy chest with a light treasure trail. The only way you'll be able to know if Minoxidil gains will be permanent is if you stop at the right time. It helped hypertensive patients reduce their renal-failure rates, and all most patients regulated their blood pressure. Reddit: The positive Oral Minoxidil for hair ">r/tressless on Reddit: The positive Oral Minoxidil for hair. Finasteride is the best to start with as minoxidil doesn't stop further damage to the hair follicles, it only increases nutrient flow helping already damaged follicles to grow hair. Invest in a pipet P100 or P200 with tips and dose adequately. Just be careful and don't use too much heat until you know how your hair is going to react. Keep up the good work! I've personally struggled with hair loss too, and I tried various products over the years. You are exponentially more likely to experience negative side effects with oral due to the fast absorption rate in the liver. 2mg/day) "Ours was calculated weight / volume, meaning a specific weight of finasteride per mL of compounding medium. 5mg oral minoxidil 2 months and have to say the 2 together seem to work very well. Once I switched to oral my face and hair exploded with vellus for the first time and the only time I …. Miscellaneous notes: I took finasteride for a couple of weeks, but stopped because of bad side effects (unusual penile sensations, ball ache after taking the pill, swollen nipples, weaker erections). Oral minoxidil doses vary between 0. I decided that it was time to shave it. I don’t think there’s a set timeline really. Oral minoxidil results for diffuse thinning? : r/tressless. this reddit post is the reality about oral minoxidil most people dont get results because we dont produce enough of the sulphate enzyme in our livers. Results There was a significant increase in total hair counts from baseline at weeks 12 (mean change + 26, range 182. Minoxidil + Derma-roll completely SAVED my hairline 3 months in. 5mg oral minoxidil x1 daily, keto shampoo and going to start micro needling in a week. This thread is archived i was originally planning on a 2nd transplant to cover the rest but the results from minox were good enough that i may not need a 2nd. Proven in studies, when used with minoxidil, to …. Probably helped to reach NW2 / 2,5 no more. 4 months ago, I started taking a Low Dose of Oral Minoxidil for hair thickening, and better hair growth stimulation overall. It’s compounded as a whole for ease of taking. Reddit iOSReddit AndroidReddit Premium About Reddit results due to having average sulfotranferase in my liver Topical dosent work for me . The box recommends twice a day just because that's what they did in the clinical trials, but that doesn't mean that's the optimal dose. I was wearing hats daily due to my embarrassment of my thinning hair. OM carries a black box warning - it's one of the very last things you should consider. Should I start fin/ micro needling? This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 1 year minoxidil (oral 1. I used this on my scalp and beard with no results. I have some small hairs now in the front hairline area. To evaluate the sublingual vs oral minoxidil formulation, the investigators randomly assigned 40 men and women (age range, 30-65 years) to either 0. Fwiw, i did rogaine/generic min for a couple of years ~13-14 years ago 2x/day. A few minutes later I see my cat and pick her up to scratch and give her a smooch. Cardiac side effects come from having below normal blood. The hell with oral minoxidil (rant/warning) : r/tressless. Once a day is more user friendly. ) Mid line is thickening up a lot. It really sucks since people usually get results on 2. 1 percent and 6 percent Minoxidil so I would have less side effects. You will then take that amount of drops, and divide it by the amount of mg per mL that your bottle contains. The past 2-3 months I’m on topical min/fin (hims) only 1x/day and my results are much better than the 2x/day. To be fair I got odd side effects like very shakey hands and issues with. If all goes well in one year you will basically reverse your baldness. I have been on finn for about 6 months now. Just be consistent, that is the key. More hair on my upper back and shoulders. People talk about side effects, but that is at doses of 1 or 2. Really not expecting to notice much of anything for another 1-3 months. Too many variables to say it’s definitely better to only do 1x vs 2x but hey. It was tested in the crown during the trials which is why they are only allowed to say it. However only very minor regrowth which isn't even worth mentioning since it's so little. Why Low Dose Oral Minoxidil Treatments for. The rest either keep losing or maintain. It happened even more aggressively when I started micro needling and using liquid minox. Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener that hyperpolarizes cell membranes, causing vascular muscle dilation and a consequent increase in blood flow. Oral minoxidil, nearly 3 months with no signs of progress?. And b) even if there's a minimal chance of any adverse effect to the heart that throws alot of people off. That area is now looking much better. It was this May when started again but lowered to 5mg morn then may 10 included 2. My suggestion would be to use between two to four drops daily. My hairdresser said she couldn’t believe the difference in my hair from my last appointment in. Everything else I read on dermarolling says it's to increase blood flow and absorbtion so now I'm just confused. This gentleman had sexual side effects from oral Propecia and was on only Rogaine (minoxidil) before. Oral Minoxidil : my personal experience : r/tressless. To confirm the findings of the author, large-scale multicentric studies are required. Let your face dry completely (tret+water= more irritation) Apply tret. Compared to baseline, total hair count at the vertex increased by 14. Standard dosage for finasteride Is about 1mg daily , so you can consider asking for that. Efficacy of 5% minoxidil versus combined 5% minoxidil and 0. Frequency of systemic adverse effects was low in international trial A low-dose oral version of hair growth product minoxidil had a favorable safety profile in patients with various types of alopecia, international researchers reported. 150+ Progress Photos of Finasteride + Minoxidil with Ages Listed. An adverse effect of oral Minoxidil is heart palpitations. On August 18, 2022, The New York Times published an article describing successful treatment experiences of several dermatologists and results of a small observational study of women with hair loss who received low-dose oral rather than topical minoxidil. I stopped using it and healed my scalp. For whatever reason minoxidil did not work for me after 3 years of trying different formulations. so one more time: max recommended dosage for Lonnoten (minoxidil) for bp = 100 mg/day and for hairloss between 1 and 5 mg/day; you're saying you're using 40 x max amount. Starting oral minoxidil soon, should I start with 2. 5mg of oral minoxidil maybe too high for you. These are the biggest needle movers herbal medicines …. Common side effects include mild itching and burning as well as flaky skin. I’m on 1mg oral minoxidil/finasteride. I did go through a massive shed for roughly 2 months, losing hundreds of hairs a day. Most of the time, early results from finasteride start to become visible after around three to six months of daily use. I take combination 1mg finasteride and 2mg minoxidil tablets once a day. I started using minoxidil a year ago and it contributed very little to my hairline. You can always hop on minoxidil later, but only. No side effects except for extra body hair fam. [28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37] [38] The most common treatment was oral minoxidil ( Table 3). Just crush the pills and mix with apple cider vinegar and add a dash of ketoconazole. Available results on terminal hair count at 48 weeks handed the advantage to 1-mg/day finasteride versus topical minoxidil, with a mean difference of 32. 5mg daily for 5 months now and have seen good results so far, no sides except for maybe some slight weird hair growth in places other …. Tried oral 3 times, got 3 times the same side effects after 4 weeks on 0. I had a massive TE like shed hit around the 18th month mark and I decided to switch straight to Dut. G'day, Looking for anecdotes as to whether oral minoxidil has worked for you and at what dosage. Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking oral min? : r/tressless. 25mg might be the optimal move for minoxidil. Minoxidil results after 1 year may include noticeable hair regrowth and increased. For me topical minox gave me very mild results and the real gains I have seen have been from 1mg per day of finn. Dermatologist started me on oral minox to help my slowly receding hairline and help me grow a full beard (I can only grow a little fuzz on the chin and some sideburns). Minoxidil results after 2 months of consistent use might show initial signs of hair regrowth, although individual experiences may vary. If you’d like to experience results like this, our top recommendation for convenient and affordable minoxidil right now is Keeps. gov/30292404/ , topical sildenafil (which works in the same mechanism as Viagra), also increased hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Regrowth wise, your sporadic use of topical minoxidil did not allow for it to induce a shed ( assuming you’re a responder, you likely aren’t as only 40% of people respond to topical. They don't require prescription from a doctor like they should. The key is not to take too much of it and keep the dose low. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. However, for hair loss the recommended dose is much less (2. Since your at 5 months though and still at least see growth of some kind, stick with it until a year at least! Diesel23235 • 1 yr. Oral minox was my last Hail Mary and is thankfully paying off. I think a lot of people recommend docbright but I was getting kinda peeved that they wanted $59 every 3 months for a prescription, even for a refill would come out to $236 for the year, not to mention. I made a similar post, but I realized there are some better pictures to show I had a hair transplant, so don't count the hair improvement on minoxidil Im probably going go do oral minoxidil instead of finasteride when push comes to. Minoxidil IMO is not as spectacular as some people praise it, it works for 6o-70 percent and only 40 percent regrew some hair with it. I would definitely keep taking nutrafol, and test for Vitamin D and Iron deficiency as well. You should check with your doctor before changing your diet. 5mg or less, perhaps 10mg or less. 5 months update on topic min and fin : r/minoxidil. Watch out for these if taking it orally: Minoxidil may cause serious side effects including: new or worsening chest pain, chest pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder, fast or pounding heartbeats, swelling in your legs, ankles, or feet, rapid weight gain, especially in your face and midsection, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, pain when …. Sinclair says: "Minoxidil [as a pill] has pretty much 100 per cent success at stopping progression. M29- starting fin today, Cya in 12 months everyone! 129. Topical minoxidil's half life is around 20 hours or something. Not only does Oral Minoxidil rarely work as hoped, higher doses of oral Minoxidil all too often result in nasty side effects that simply aren’t common for topical treatments. It's pretty safe, there are several studies with lots of patients backing this claim. Any minoxidil, topical or oral will make hair shed initially in first few weeks. Like the other commenter said, prescription doses for hair are an order of magnitude smaller than for blood pressure. minoxidil combined with topical finasteride, while others represent minoxidil combined with oral finasteride. 7% of patients discontinued treatment owing to adverse effects. Have you noticed better results after increasing your dosage? Approaching six months with 2. To be on the safe side I ordered a diuretic and a beta blocker just in case I stated to have sides. Oral minox gave me thicker eyebrows, very very long eyelashes - I have naturally long lashes but now I'm getting asked very often if I'm using mascara, which. Bergfeld says this about low-dose oral Minoxidil: “It has really been the best drug we ever had for hair growth. As it stands I’m on 50mg spiro currently (started Nov 30 and thinking of going up to 75mg this week) and 0. Prove Me Wrong: Minoxidil After Microneedling : r/tressless. If you’re considering minoxidil, or if you’ve recently started treatment …. This is some great advice, especially waiting 3-4 months to take progress pictures and getting off reddit. I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium and was prescribed this by my dermatologist. Is 5mg oral minoxidil effective as 5 mg taken once or divided. Regiment: min 2x,fin 1x,derma 1x. Switching from the topical to the oral version is recommendable, since the conversion to minoxidil sulfate can occur. Results for a given dose tend to be stable at one year. Got many quick gains but now im below baseline. Take one capsule every day, with or without food. Switching from Topical to Oral Minoxidil : r/tressless. This leads to a simple multiplication of the concentration by volume to see the milligrams of product delivered (1 x. There was a study done on this. I've been on Oral Minox for 85 days (65 Days 2,5mg) (30 Days 5mg) No Sides expect low blood pressure after taking . Yes I’ve been on oral for about a year and a half and it has made a difference for me. 5 mg twice daily later this year. Minoxidil can also cause your hair to shed, especially when you first start using it. cons I've heard: not good for your heart. I started using a scalp scrubber in the shower followed by the topical spray. Regain (or Rogaine inthink it's called in the US) for woman's hair loss, It's contains 2. My beard and mustache usually come in completely gray. 25 oral should provide some good results. Some people are minoxidil responders and that number could be as high as 40-50% of men. If you'd like to experience results like this, our top recommendation for convenient and affordable minoxidil right now is Keeps. I hope this post will help people like me who were terrified of trying oral minoxidil. 5mg of Oral Minoxidil per day will still yield results for hair. 5mg is a safe and effective dose for me. Oral minoxidil works very well for me. Impatient as I am for rapid results, I began to apply 3x4 times a day. Minoxidil acts through multiple pathways to promote hair growth. Life threatening heart palpitations isn’t “nothing. History: October 2019 started taking oral fin December started applying topical minoxidil. You should stick with finasteride only because you haven’t lost a lot. Dermatologists are increasingly prescribing minoxidil—the active …. To anyone who is currently taking or has taken it, I am interested in your experience: -Where you purchase it from. What's more interesting is that this is a sign that oral minox is now being taken more seriously. 2 weeks on Oral Minoxidil (loniten). (Left side has substantially more regrowth and density than my right. Same thing happened to me years ago so I panicked and stopped using minoxidil. Also, a lot of people anecdotally say that oral min did not work for them. Does oral Minoxidil cause shedding? Patients will sometimes ask, can . I want to use it for a lifetime, if it is beneficial. At the optimum dose indicated for hairloss treatment (5 mg / day) there are no statistically significant effects on blood pressure. Saw great results for about 6 months. Questions about oral Minoxidil (pill and sublingually) I started taking 5mg oral minoxidil and the results are ridiculously good. After taking finasteride for this amount of time, you might notice that your hair loss has slowed down or stopped, with no further visible thinning. Dutastride along with Oral Minoxidil : r/tressless. Definitely over hyped just like topical its luck if it works and grows scalp hair or not. Oral Minoxidil is a long lasting solution for hair loss conditions, such as androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, and alopecia areata, as long as you continue to take the medication. Why Oral Minoxidil for hair loss? Whatsapp photos: +91-9814531111 / 8872238888 drbhatti@darlingbuds. Only a handful of people post oral min results. The Minoxidil Response Test is able to confirm if minoxidil will be an effective treatment for a patient within 7-14 days. But there is no study confirming it. He will tailor oral finasteride, topical finasteride, oral minoxidil, . Started in late 90s with great results. now, the potential transport path across the oral mucous membrane may be either polar. 25 mg oral = equal topical standard dosage twice each day 5% 2,5 mg oral daily. Oral Minoxidil Results After 10. 2019 Once a day every evening I started using Minoxidil a month after starting Finasteride. And note this is oral minoxidil in dosages as high as 40 mg per day. Switched from topical min a few months ago. Androgenetic alopecia and female pattern hair loss were the two conditions where it has been used more commonly than other alopecia, providing a ray of hope along with overcoming the issues …. Realizing what was going on, I got back on oral Minoxidil to keep my hair. It’s effected my appearance greatly so I wanted to warn others. Got an oral min prescription (2. The catch is, you need to be sure that at the point you start seeing more hair growing, you don't immediately stop. No sides except slightly increased heart rate in the beginning, but that has subsided. Also can probably get one from any doc doing prp. Been on Oral Minoxidil for 50 days. A few drops at first, but in two weeks I went to 0. Testosterone can cause hair loss as well, but it's not nearly as strong as DHT (about 1/8 as strong regarding hair loss). Minoxidil has other effects that could be bothersome for some patients. After my Areata resolves w steroid shots the thinning kept getting worse. Then switched from topical 5% applied 1-2x daily (also derma rolling) to oral minoxidil in January. It usually is more effective at causing hair all over. , Thursday and Friday, use duta). About 3 months in 4-5 drops one daily. 5 MG in December 2022, about 8 months later. I (27,m) have had the hair fall problem since 2012. It's time after serum concentration is half of peak concentration. Liquid minoxidil breaks down collagen in ur face + the alcohol is very drying causing flakyness also. My 7 month oral minoxidil progress (1mg/day) I had been losing hair since I was 18 but it ramped up substanially around 1 year ago. Remember the dread shed is proof that it's working. 34 yo F, I’ve been losing hair for two years. 1 Year progress on topical fin and min : r/tressless. If you don't get the results you want from finasteride alone after 8 months to a year, try minoxidil then. I got signs of gyno and all the other estrogenic side effects, while on pretty low bodyfat %. Hair might initially appear thin and wispy, but with continued use, it should become thicker and more robust. My results after starting Dutasteride + oral minoxidil. For those taking oral minoxidil how long did it take to see regrowth and how much regrowth did yous get?. They said high dose = 5mg twice a day. Study shows further evidence that finasteride and dutasteride take. RU is the experimental drug that didn't get approved by the FDA because could have potentially harmful side affects if it goes systemic. 4C Afro results (your hair texture can change while on treatment) 5 months- Minoxidil 1ml 2x/day, dutasteride 0. Oral Minoxidil is dose dependent. Very thick, curls are as good as ever to the point that they were getting out of control and I cut it way shorther than I usually do. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Results From Oral Minoxidil?">When Did You Start Noticing Results From Oral Minoxidil?. You should use oral minoxidil. Unknowingly, I have been taking oral Minoxidil for the last 6 months. My doctor said I could go to 1. Life is ruined : r/tressless. And the little amount that does stay on the skin will absorb and then dry up quickly. You just need to be patient, some people don’t start seeing results on minoxidil until after 6 months. Low doses of oral minoxidil (LDOM) (0. With this method it gets dirt cheap and without a recipe. I'm curious about the hand and arm. 5mg atm as well, started at 2mg. 5 or 5mg has shown substantial regrowth. I might stick it out for a bit to. Other than that, it really shows us with the appropriate delivery agents that minimizes the systemic absorption and dominantly keeping it on the scalp tissue, safe androgen blockers will shine within a couple of years. 9 months is a while into treatment, but most people don’t see their full results until they’ve. Share More sharing options Followers 3. Sounds like some see results before then though. It is a vasodilator (meaning it increases the size of blood vessels) and was initially used as a treatment for severe hypertension. Minoxidil oral is reported to yield great results albeit with more systemic side effects. I’m 27, getting some slight temple recession, and decided to buy Essengen 6 plus (6% min,. Just a warning, though, it dries your hair out a bit, so it could increase brittleness. Oral Minoxidil Results experience??? : r/tressless. In about two weeks I started a very bad shed, which I linked to starting fin. I experienced severe shedding after 3 weeks in which lasted till about the beginning of December. I’ve had way more noticeable results using nanoxidil than minoxidil - it makes my hair feel like bristles on a brush like 10 mins after application. Half-life is irrelevant because tissue residence time is over one day. FYI: You can now get legal oral minoxidil in the US through telehealth company - Happy Head. Please note there may be a bug editing user flair via Reddit mobile app as changes cannot be saved. Any dose, even 1,25mg should work. 5 mm needle length) and Nizoral 2% shampoo approximately 3. I'd suggest, just the topical first with microneedling, if that's not showing any results after 4 months, bump up the topical dose, then if that's not working try applying tretinoin to your scalp half an hour before min, and only if. Started seeing new hairs after around 2. You will notice when it happens that many of the hairs that shed are very thick and healthy (ie. They are both safe, licensed for use in the UK, and proven to show results. You might need to maintain a high level of the minoxidil in order to reap the benefits. The foam being in the “middle” and the oral being the best one. Low blood pressure don’t do any damage. 5mm dermaroll 1x/week, 1mg oral finasteride 1x/day. 19 jan 2022, all pics taken in evening under down lights same place, I buzz my hair every week at a #2. The "fear mongering" is about general, long term cardiac health, not about dropping dead suddenly. 1%, clobetasol propionate ointment, 100 mg of doxycycline twice daily, and 0. Its over, Minoxidil! BAD facial aging side effects! : r/tressless. Tressless (*tress·less*, without hair) is the most popular community . Minoxidil (Oral Route) Proper Use. Meanwhile, topical decreases blood DHT levels by much less than oral (figure 5, 34% vs. This means that each tiny drop contains 1. Ask your doc for the next step in any case, maybe he is willing to give you the 5mg dose. It's also available as an oral prescription. At the low dosage, oral Minoxidil can be taken long-term in order to maintain the hair strengthening results. Topical minoxidil reduced the rate of hair fall but did nothing for new growth. Dermatologists also prescribe it in Australia. Hi guys! Long story short, I'm 27 and I started to lose density 4 years ago. 25mg finasteride about a month ago and it works wonders already. 5mg oral is more than u we’re taking compared to topical. A study comparing 1mg of oral minoxidil to 5% topical minoxidil showed that the two have comparable results. If you’re still on the fence, the grass is definitely greener on the minoxidil side. After a few years of experimentation, I realized finasteride and Nizoral. Get it through them the first time and then have them transfer it to a local pharmacy if you're able. She tilts her head back and rubs her mouth on my nose and lips. Topical vs oral finasteride pros and cons : r/tressless. Switching from topical to oral minoxidil. Katie Couric had him on an IG live as he is that well respected. 8 months minoxidil 10% no progress : r/tressless. Pode ficar tranquilo, ele dá uma aumentada de leve só onde já tem pelo, e não é nada absurdo, em mim foi bem sutil o aumento de pêlos. I followed instructions and created my own topical. Is anyone using topical finasteride + minoxidil here? How's it. The application is 6 sprays twice a. It seems like I've had more growth in the past two and a half weeks than all the months I was on topical. Minoxidil will not fix this issue, it will simply add more water to the. Some of the photos in the beginning were before i started treatment. Can you share your experience with Oral minoxidil. From about month 2 onwards the shedding has decreased dramatically - probably by 70-80% to prior to using oral minox. That means your new hair needs 3 months to pop out of your scalp.