The Black Phone X Male Reader Browse through and read or take ciel x male reader stories, quizzes, and other creations As mentioned in the title male reader is sent into the black butler world and is ready to have some crazy adventures. 1K 744 8 [on hiatus/pause!! thank you for being patient] :0 quarantine got me doin things. sorry i couldn't be there to witness your glory. Soon enough, Clay had moved around so they were spooning. this book will contain lemons from characters and creatures from movies, Anime and games. You were in school as it was lunchtime, you checked your phone to see that you got 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 that you were. This contains short stories involving The Boys and The Girls and possibly some X male reader shots. Follow Y/N as he and his friends defend Skylands from evil and dark villains. Chapter 18: The Nyaban brothers. Many major villains died at your feet. Series of oneshots including human females from Ben 10 series. The Outsiders x Reader by s0fi46. x reader on Tumblr">#the grabber x reader on Tumblr. Even if he was a delinquent, all Vance wanted to do was go home and act like everything was fine. REQUEST ARE OPEN NOT PROOF READ Yes i don't really see a lot of haikyuu x male …. When it crashed, it landed on a village of mer-people, destroying said village and killing the inhabitants except for one. I don't own Final Fantasy VII it all belongs to it respective owners. After competing with Y/n for this long, I knew he had the power to physically phase through objects and could take whatever objects. 158 pages September 28, 2022 eventhorizon. Y/n Itsuka is the second oldest child of the Itsuka household as Shido being the. Also peepaw Myers is better than his younger self imo. M/N is known for being the eldest son of L/N family Everything changed when the L/N family bankrupt his step-mother sold him in Xia family. Murder Drones X Male Among us reader. Phone Guy x Male!Reader by Draekona on DeviantArt. You groaned at the raging headache. fred Weasley and tony black (golden heart) plus George Weasley are a three men couple to each other. for anyone looking for the grabber smut to jack it to, forget it. Y/n, a fighter and student of Ryu His sensei, Ryu teach him everything he knows durante His Journey The Old Friend (black lagoon x male reader) 4 parts. The next time I woke up, the girl was gone. One day you decided to stop going to s Y/N L/N died in a Tragic death and was send into a another …. Enamoured with a feline who had a cold heart and tendency to bully their master shifu, the furious five had a problem That problem being, th This book goes from the 1st movie to the 3rd. But he saved me from that, from myself. the blackboard to the right, was coated in a thin layer of chalk dust, with the words ‘biology-anatomy’ scrawled onto it. With his friend’s advice, Y/n experiments and tries it out; only to find himself matched with otherworldly entities. Arc 1: Called to a Different World Chapter 4: The Inn and the First Meal. Betrayed by the people she once loved, cared for, and protected, Queen Gatria is determined to make Male lord beerus reader X Female Regular S 15 parts. The Black Phone ( 2022) Finney Shaw is a shy but clever 13-year-old boy who's being held in a soundproof basement by a sadistic, masked killer. "You tied his hands up real good, Ladybug," Arctic Fox commented jovially, grinning as Chat Noir extended his staff and managed to take off Pantomime's hat. One family in particular had just begun their return home from the opera house. Yandere Insanely Rich Girl X Poor Male Reader. Before time existed, there was nothing and before there was nothing, there were monsters. Unlike his broth Unspoken (BNHA x Male child reader) 34 parts. 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. Cheers! (Mina Ashido x Male Reader). (Y/N) had recently found a black cat with strange red eyes in an alleyway and had decided to adopt it as her own. Morticia and Rachel knew Y/N he always help keep them out of trouble and protect them but when re Dragon Ball: Twin …. It snatched where it could, taking people, no matter how o teentitans. I'm going to a DBZA story so yea. Without any warning, an app appears on Y/n’s phone…and it’s a dating app. (Y/N) is the disappointment child of the family who was sent along with his two younger siblings, Dipper and Mabel, to live with their great uncle Stan for the summer. Browse through and read or take male yandere x male reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. Just read to find out what happens:) Written by ~Z~. "Gods, you're a idiot," Percy muttered, burying his face into [Male name]'s neck. Read the most popular levixmalereader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. follow y/n as he tries to live a peaceful life in a world full of heroes and villains. Read the most popular femalexmalereader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. he heads over to the bathroom, where you're finishing up washing your hands. Yarichin Bitch Club Bungou Stray Dogs. This is a collection of one-shots with various monsters/beings X the reader. A husky blond dude, like a surfer, stood in the corner of the bedroom keeping watch over me. Spiderman comes in sometimes as a regular customer and so does Peter Parker before he goes to work for the Daily Bugle. But the plot twist was, one of the friends are a missing kid. Based on the popular Netflix series. Original Character (s) Phone Guy is Named Scott (Five Nights at Freddy's) Other Additional Tags to Be Added. Monika, however, was more to your liking, being calmer and being quite intellectual. clay puppington x bottom male reader. You gave one big thrust and cam in her womb. Omega Bokuto x Alpha Male Reader. Wonder Woman: oh (Y/N) your so big I'm gonna go crazy. You have to share your house with one of the members of the Dazzlings. so this is not my first time writing lemons but my settups aren't the best so bare with me. Mostly fruity filled with the occasional surprise of a straight chapt eddie. " The Boy gave the doll to which Peach took. Hermione x Male Reader; A Riddle t by DBForrish. SCP oneshots x Reader by Noah Wolf 13. Basically there are hardly any Percival Graves fics, and even fewer with a Male reader, so here you go my pretties. One day, the intruders in exo house's. Let's see how your story unfolds when you cross paths with The Avengers. A story where Bruce, Griffin, And finney are basically mafia members, Finney is a mafia leader while bruce and Griffin are basically his best people and they meet the other three, vance, robin, and billy. After a night (Y/N) (L/N) was attacked by a monster of some sort, things were never going to be the same. Then again, they could have never imagined them to be abducted either. Once a month I would kill anyone who I set my eyes on. Harry Potter X Male Reader. *Mettaton may be a bit ooc but if I didn't change it a little it wouldn't fit the story and plus your taller then Metta by 4 inches. The Black Phone au | Supernatural Time Travel Fix It AU On Wattpad And Ao3 Saving People Sad Finney Blake. After a unfaithful event of collateral damage, the buildup leads the Avengers to choose sides: oversight or freedom. # 1 ANGEL ~ vance hopper x reader ~ by whynot_angel 52. I slowly sat down onto the grass so just in case I won't fall, I let my tail curl around the outline of my legs. ⋆ Reader x Vance Hopper ⋆ 𖤐 "I hate Vance Hopper. Red Room's Bat (Natasha Romanoff x Male Reader). A Black Cat Joins the Harem! Sat, Jun 26, 2021. But he still tries to go on wit Uh Oh, Spiders! - a Peni Parker X Male Reade. This is a story where Luffy ate two fruits that are the Avatar-Avatar fruit and Gomu-Gomu no mi, a Logia class devil fruit and a paramecia/Zoan mythical …. The Neron Fox (OP!KitsuneMalereade by MaskedDet. Darkness was in his blood, and he would use it to expel judgement. Yandere Goth Girl x Male Bookworm Reader. Game Of Thrones ( Male Reader intrest). You rub three of your phalanges over where his finger just was, and he fears he’s hurt you–“oh that’s nice an’ warm. Master of all (Male Reader x Black Clover harem). Playing With Death by Bussy destroyer. Jacobblackxreader Stories. Robin comes from the life of drugs, s*. A mermaid who was lucky enough to be somewhere else at …. Saber artoria pendragon (alter) x male reader (lemon). Most of the time these are on their own separate lokiofasgard. What happens when you have your first encounter with an alpha in your heat? That’s the situation that you were faced with, your boss now fucking your brains out. He had stupidly decided to take on Cheetah by himself, without super powers, and he was currently bleeding out. The Sleepover (Deku X Male Reader) by @GayBitchAlexs_F*@k. Highschool of the Dead x male reader [Remaster] since the original got erased by Wattpad. His eyes landed on [Male name], who was waving to him. He then picks me up and heads upstairs, "I got the perfect thing for this. You and Natasha were in the Avengers Training arena warming up, after you both finished you got into fighting stances, you were powering up your powers ready to fight when Natasha interrupted you. " Sam said and go away not waiting for answer. You believed they existed, you just never thought you would stare one in the eyes. I walk back and set the board on the bedside table and handed her the wine. Jokingly, one day you decide to ask Peter if he’s secretly a vigilante. Read Yandere anna nishikinomiya x male reader (lemon) from the story Various females x male reader (a lot of animes, videogames, movies etc) by thedarklord86 Browse. Saiki is awaiting the new A cat follows you on the way home. I was on my couch in my shared house with my boyfriend Mettaton. After being betrayed by Blake on the train, her younger brother Y/N was taken prisoner by Atlas. Ichigo and y/n have been best friends since they were born and have always unlike Ichigo y/n parent. Noire tried calling him through her cellphone, no answer from him. Only that they left him at the Skylanders Academy when he was a baby. Since he was a young child, Tang Shui has been dutiful and has felt gratified by his parents' effor Dark Disney| Dark Reverse Harem x Reader. "The Black Phone" is a horror film based on the short story of the same name by Joe Hill. Works well with its interesting premise and features some solid performances from its cast. Bnhaxmalereader malereader Stories. This book started out as a book that followed the plot of the movie, but turned into a book of. Coming this (insert whatever season it is right now): A radically awesome one shot series about you! were woven into the fabric, which was very eye catching. "Where are you little human, come ouf and face me with honor," Cheetah hissed, (F/N) remained silent from his hiding place. “That’s a lot of fur…” [Male name] said, laughing. "you better watch those words" he muttered in a tone that made you shudder in discomfort. Cast into the night after his parents' murder, (Y/N) became a being of darkness. August 1945 3 months after the defeat of Germany The allies divide Germany and it's capital into fo The Lost Submarine In Azur Lane. The Only One | Male Reader x BNHA [REWRITING] 13 parts Ongoing. Please request stuff! My imagination only goes so far. # 1 (Finney Blake x Male Reader) by Mitch_kramer 3K 105 13 This story is a Finney Blake x Male Reader The story starts off with [NAME] going to visit his grandma for summer break and finds some boys who open him with open arms Completed goodending robinallreno brucee +10 more # 2 °•Never Hated•° by Cups_mother 189 5 11. The Sonic and friends went to the Eggman Fortress where the evil Dr. Long Nights (Phone Guy x Reader) by Dummy. These 4 heros have their differences. You spot a few nice animes, but you feel like rewatching something you already know. On the Other Line (phone guy x rea by justakidfrom. Fuka has been best friends with Gon ever since his clan got brutally murdered. But, ever since Beacon, you have hidden away from, her, your friends you made at Beacon including team RWBY and team JNPR and the one you had a crush on. Request:“Ruby Rose X Male! Reader where Ruby will meet Reader’s parents who are an extremely wealthy couple and are close friends of the Schnee family. An uneventful night turn into full conf The embodiment of myself on crack. Not a lot of phone guy x readers so I took one for the team. When fighting a villain in New York goes …. Discover more posts about black phone x reader. ImTranslator extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge. Read the most popular malereader miraculous stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Y/n Sullivan is the wife of Negan before the world went to shit. So this Story will Contain LGBTQ+ an bnha. With this story I want to focus sliceoflife. Monsters, villains, and even demons try to attack the city and claim it has their own. TL,DR : Dom!Yandere!William x Sub!MALE!Reader - After leaving your old life, you seek new beginnings in a town called New Harmony. Under his guiding, you became a skilled swordsman, and together the two of you work your way up the ranks of the White Fang. This will mostly be for male x male. In this world the outbreak never happened and Raccoon city never got blown up how will things Go in this world. As soon as he stepped out of his vehicle with his current attire consisting of: a sky blue, long sleeve dress shirt with a name tag on his left breast, matching with the color of his navy blue slacks and ending it off with a pair of dark …. A Bizarre Timeline - Glitchtale Fa by Suzunori Sumire. Living on a run, she thought she had seen it all. I abused and neglected broly reader x highscho. Doki Doki Literature Club. With Izuku he eats a piece of (Y/N) Black, a lonely kid that has always been an outcast as a result of his quirk. The one next to her is Kuroko Kaminaga our Vice president, And as for the one leaning against the wall is our Enforcer Aoi Ryugoku. Read 18 from the story BLACKPINK x male reader by Jk41_1 (jK41) with 4,301 reads. You're the Grim Reaper, known as Death and by as one of the four horse men. 18 Best VR Porn Sites: Top Virtual Reality Porn of 2023. But as he starts clashing with the …. Hawks has become an iconic figure in Japan's hero scene, an hawksmha. (Dream Smp x male reader) (Realistic Minecraft) Completed. yandere, supersmashbros, killlakill. The Last Black (Hermione Granger x by Toby James. Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone) & Reader; Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone)/Reader; Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone)/You; Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone) Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s) Romantic Fluff; Fluff; Fluff and Smut; Summary. He was then trained to become a skylander. Read the most popular scoobydoo stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. ABANDONED just some nice (or not so nice) little stories I made up in my good ol brain about characters from the black phone, some based on random ideas, some from my playlist. But she meet someone who will help her take care of Ruby, …. Service Cat (Black Butler Males x Male neko reader) 45 pages December 1, 2020 ITO. The beautiful long black hair woman was sitting down in front of the building she stayed at, this building was in the Red Light District. Black Rock Shooter (In head): Kinda impressive for someone like him. Read Revy x Roberta x Eda x Male Student Reader x Balalaika x Sawyer x Shenhua from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 11,775 rea. He had a black leather jacket, black shirt with matching jeans. After all, who'd wanna talk to a kid who couldn't say a word. After all the chaos that occurs in Glitchtale, a mysterious traveler offered Chara a contract, which he reluctantly accepted. By coming to Paris, I can finally live a life without a collar around my neck. Discover more posts about kny muzan, muzan kibutsuji, demon slayer muzan, muzan, kny headcanons, kimetsu no yaiba x reader, and muzan x reader. The grabber came down to tell him he had cameras and showed him where he put all the traps. To forgive or not (Highschool DxD x Male Reader volume 1) 318K 4. Y/N was living with a woman named Claire. When moving to a new city, the one thing you did not expect was to make friends. As much as you are there to serve your new home, the …. When magical prince (Y/N) (L/N) receives a royal magic wand. in this book, we will gonna be talking about all of th 14dayswithyou. Com member that wishes to participate. Mandalorian Jedi Male Reader X Female Clone Troopers Part One …. "You're a male, yet you give off the aroma of a female saiyan in heat. Fate Grand Order: Human(FGO x Male Reader). She takes herself and ruby to Beacon and decides to teach there while being a single mother. Ok, so Mettaton, the most popular star of the Underground came into his room, sat beside him and asked what his name is. I wake up and rub my eyes sitting up in bed. Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone)/Reader; Reader; Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone) reader - Freeform; Reader-Insert; Dacryphilia; Daddy Kink; Kidnapping; Mocking; Extremely Dubious Consent; Rape/Non-con Elements; Name-Calling; Age Difference; Older Man/Younger Woman; Praise Kink; Summary. (Disclaimer, I don't own RWBY or any art/songs used in this …. Someday (Y/N) decided to download an app named MalO ver1. Grell x Seme Male Reader by dotty. Kairi was always destined to fall back into the world he despised. The Dragon Mage (Black Clover x Re by Rosie. Add to library 19 Discussion 46. You should have never strayed so close to the Hakurei Shrine. Hera wanted a mortal that wouldn’t get an ego or have excessive pride, a mortal that would love her for her and nothing more. " "Yep, a kid with grown-up powers!" (M/N) was a powerful sorcerer in Okinawa, Japan, hid. Something magical happened and it will change his and many other lives. [yandere!male!priest x male!transmigrated!reader] ╰┈ Isekai is no job for the weak—especially not when you have been transmigrated into a horror game where …. My Little Pony: A New Generation x Reads. Revy looked at rock and rolled her eyes and holstered her gun and muttered before walking away. He was transferred from his hometown to West City to start his job tomorrow. Characters included: -Finney -Robin -Bruce -Vance WARNINGS: ⚠️ -Swearing -Violence -Mentions of abuse -Smut (they will be aged up) Feel free to send requests. It's a prism of endless possibilities. Blackcloverxmalereader Stories. the black phone x reader on Tumblr">#yandere the black phone x reader on Tumblr. (HIATUS) The Merciless Vigilante. Though he has his talents, driving is one of them. Male reader x arcee (Transformers Prime) (Resumed). THE BLACK SHEEP // A Hunter X Hunt by Arden. “Black and White” by Paul Volponi is about the friendship of two boys who their friends call “Black and White,” because one boy is white and the other is black. Finn x Male Reader [A New Life] by gabe. (One Piece X Male Reader) is updated. Welcome home - One Piece x Reader. I couldn’t move, there were flashes of red and blue light yet I couldn’t make out where they were coming from. I hope you enjoy! You were quirkless and you didn't have that many friends because of that. Contains these characters: Finney Shaw Robin Arellano Bruce Yamada Vance Hopper Billy The Paperboy. After a clash of ideals, you leave the White Fang and seek. after the fight his hands are pretty messed up at the knuckles, and he has a small cut on his eyebrow. CLOSED FOR REQUESTS!!! Listed: Asahi Noya Goshiki Kenma Tanaka. Male Reader x Izuku Midoriya This is your fate, Izuku has everything he could ever want, he even found his soul mate. "Go to him, I'm sure he missed you too. The Grabber (The Black Phone). Monster (Twilight X Reader) by Jxckson ™. You just got home from work late at night and your nerdy neighbor keeps making a ruckus, you decided to give him a piece of your mind, which brings you to your current dilemma. Shy!Submissive!Male!Reader x She-Hulk--Mistakes It was a calm, peaceful Saturday morning, and me and Jen were out in Central Park, relaxing on a bench. While Marinette seems to love Adrien, the son of his father's business partner Gabriel Agreste, Y/N starts to develop feelings for her. Now that he's in Paris, things will go rough for him and Completed. Yandere Bretman Rock x Male Reader (Escape The Night) Mon, Apr 25, 2022. Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2. Read Male Marine Reader X Human-Like Alien Queen from the story Female Characters X Male/Female Reader by TyrantYokai123 (Tyrant Yokai) with 11,884 reads. Betrayed by the people she once loved, cared for, and protected, Queen Gatria is determined to make. "I should kill you, Sirius Black. You open your completed anime list, and spend a few …. Blitzo (Helluva Boss)/Reader. After your defeat, sonic decided to spare you. In some oneshots, the reader/main character is a villain; in some, the idol character is a villain. harem story as (Y/N) joins his brother (not blood related) Luffy on a grand adventure I don't own one piece all rights and credit goes to respected owners (referring more towards Shueisha and Eiichiro Oda than Toei after what Toei did recently but Toei still deserve …. A Magician At Sea (One Piece Fanfic) 66 parts. Being a good friend of his since the beginning of the year, Y/n and Su-Hyeok do many things togethe eyeless jack x male reader. But I won't, seeing as I haven't seen you flirt with anyone other than Y/N. School Uniform: White high collared polo shirt, black slacks, and black shoes or a white lined black blazer with a red tie, black slacks, and white shirt. She's known for her fun energy, funny gameplays, and fun guests. They raise them with the help of the daycare crew. Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone) (66) Reader (51) Max Shaw (The Black Phone) (14) You (10) Original Female Character(s) (9) Original Characters (5) Finney Blake (4) …. Pairings are described in the chapter title. fem Goku Black x male saiyan reader beauty of a rose. But his recent heartbreak reawakened the monster inside of him. He isn't exactly the single type either, and it's a shame, since a certain former group of friends with colourful hair colours want him bad. Get notified when Yandere!girl x Male! reader is updated. I'm gonna try to post everyday. Chapter 1: Teacher!Sirius Black x Male Student Chapter Text. Wattpad">Robinarellanoxreader Stories. A lone wolf, Y/N L/N, encounters a gang of outlaws who's lead by a man named Dutch van der Linde, a previous member to a group called "the O'Driscolls". Guess he knew what type of books you like to shut you up. Sign me up See a recent post on Tumblr from @berry-loves-yandere about yandere the black phone x reader. A relatively normal young man who gets thrown into the Holy Grail war against his will. Im gonna piss off so many Selene x micheal shippers -----You drove your motorcycle through the dark streets of your city hunting a vampire, you were part of a special order that was devoted to the destruction of lycans, vampires and everything that threathed humanity. We pulled away and I was beer red, panting, my hair was a mess and my shirt was all wrinkled as well as my boyfriend's. Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's yeah I read two stories with the male reader either being Artorias or abyss watchers for mine I'm going to do both bosses so. So when they wake up in a basement surrounded by six boys that should have been dead, they are shocked. (Black Butler x Male Reader) Desperate times call upon demons, but when the fiancee of Ciel Phantomhive cannot bring herself to be happy anymore, a special demon comes to her aid. While not technically her own child, she always had this “mother-son” relationship with him. Many years ago, a baby boy was abandoned at a church in the Forsaken realm of the Clover kingdom. === Gotham City Library, Mid Afternoon === A bright and sunny Friday afternoon cast itself on the city of Gotham. Natasha Romanoff X Male Reader. A school filled with supernatural phenomena becomes the center of an invasion from the forces of hell. #3- in Danmachi November 14 2020. In Another World With My Smartphone x Male Reader (Currently. Mine||DreamxM!reader by GhostLy_ 3. euneirophrenia; the peaceful state of mind after a pleasant dream. A kid that Chica spent a lot of time with a few years ago decided to return as an adult. In the early 18th century, Black cowboys were the only cowboys in the West. One Piece: The Other Half (Male reader) 40 parts. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Action Male Reader Insert X Reader Original Characters Ocs [Male Reader Insert] After the death of your childhood friend Rika, who you had crushed on for years, you and your cousin Yuta drifted apart. Not every story is a romantic pairing. In Age 759, Son Goku and Chi-Chi had their second child, a boy they named Son Y/N. Your home empty, eerie and dull. Catwoman: good boy lick this pussy. As the boy fought the beast with burning heart full of passion, his courage motivated everyone present. He had been alone ever since his parents were killed by the White fang. Powers Of A God Rwby X Male Reader. An average run-of-the-mill male finds himself in an unfamiliar world. (Y/N) (L/N) has just come back to MACUSA after suffering a serious accident that left him scarred, injured and with gaps in his memory. It was a bit big for her, but she liked it that way. You see Princess Peach and Toadsworth went to check to visit Toad Town, but then Peach lost her favorite doll. (R/N) is a boy with a dream to prove to the world that not all people with psychic quirks turn out to be villains. You slyly slid next to Max only to use your hand to close it. You quickened your pace and thrusted roughly against her turning the both of you into moaning messes. You laughed at him a bit while he anxiously tried to say it was meant to be in a friend-like-manner. To repay debts you created through your recovery, you have to train and work violence. More chapters will be gradually added, however updates will be infrequent. Haikyuu!! K-pop | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Idol Kpop Group Haikyuu X Reader Haikyuu X Male Reader Kpop Male (haikyuu! x male! idol! reader) The popular KPOP group AXIS has gone on break, and (L/N) (Y/N) finds himself back in his hometown making new friends and finding himself in a lot more. You, were once a pawn of Salem. Helluvaboss x reader; Oral Sex; I dont know what other tags to put; This is a mess of a book; Cross-Posted on Wattpad; Summary. " Somebody knocked on the door, and the girl quickly filled his mouth with pudding. Cheater RWBY X Saiyan Abused Male Reader X Female Goku Black X …. 8 Sex Myths That Experts Wish Would Go Away. 6k Warnings: i do NOT condone his actions at all in the movies obvi this is fiction and should be treated as such, the reader has some form of stockholm syndrome for sure, the reader is naked but there’s no sexual acts but there’s kind of an undertone, talks about suicide (as an option but not as a serious consideration), kidnapping, uh. Male Reader X Persona 5 Harem by AlexPokemonSexual09. Part cat and odly skilled to be a serviceable butler. CHAPTER II, The Lion and The Wolf. Makima thought to herself, preparing herself for battle to truly turn you over before stopping as you began to walk towards her, a tiny look of confusion on her face. Unlike Cinder, Mercury and Emerald, you didn't go back. Creepypasta males x male reader by YaoiKing2003 75. He asked, crossing his arms and leaning closer. Director Scott Derrickson retur. #yandere the black phone x reader on Tumblr. This orgin story will not be the same as Peter Parkers. I am not responsible for the pain that The start of UA was officially here and you couldnt be more excited. Six boys went missing over the span of four years, and only one survived. this story included - murder - cursing - some nsfw (slightly) - self harm so for the Minor, that's a big no no. Hotel transylvania : mavis x werewolf male reader. The Silver Haired Assassin!/Rise of the Lizard! Sun, Jun 27, 2021. Jacob felt ever worse than before. " Vegeta began as his gaze intensified. Laying down on a black couch, his loud breathing reaching his ears and his eyes catching sight of the wounds he had, poorly wrapped with bandages. Y/n is a new student at hawkins high and is happy for a new start. See a recent post on Tumblr from @venviouz about the black phone x reader. You are a mutant cheetah who escaped from the Kraang prison. Read Danny phantom : Ember mclain x male reader (lemon) from the story Various females x male reader (a lot of animes, videogames, movies etc) by thedarklord8. 1 problem I deal with in my practice, and by no means is the higher-desire partner always male,” Dr. you already have a grimoir it lets you become or summon monsters to. this is the story of black clover I don't own black clover but I do like it anyway you are 19 (Asta and Yuno are 16 incase you didn't know) when the story starts at the dandelion dance. The Gunslinger: Rising of the Shield Hero X Male Reader Erron Black. Wattpad">Malereader bl Stories. "Yes of course!" I say and rush to the kitchen. BaDoink VR is another one of the premier VR porn sites, which makes sense as it’s one of the longest running. We ended on the couch L on top of me with his arms wrapped tightly around me "Hey baby how was your da- oh" I smiled and kissed his head "Sleep well my little hacker" I mumbled closing my eyes. (Y/n) was a kid from the underground. Dire Raven (Miraculous Ladybug x m by Carrotttan. Sometime before 1976, he lost his father in the Vietnam War. (y/n) was blessed with the opportunity to grow up with the rowdy ASL trio but has no desire in her. Yandere Werewolf x Reader by bonnie. The school's goth girl, a young woman descended from a family of d Completed. (F/N) was in a dark room hanging by his arms, his feet were barely touching the ground. Y/N isn't like the rest of the van der Linde gang. ---Present day--- You woke up on something soft. With his friend’s advice, Y/n experiments and tries it out; only to find. She was the leader of the group as she would teach Y/N everything she knew for him to …. Four years later, it was 15-year-old Terry Jones, the paper boy. Chapter 28: Desperation Thu, Jan 5, 2023. Well, here's my first Aizen x reader. Karma Akabane x Monotone male reader, part 1. " Noire accidentaly dropped her glass of water, which fell of the ground. I look around and realize that I'm not in my room or bed. unwanted attention (slashers x rea by zona. motorcycle - miguel cazarez mora by hashtagbequiet. In said basement is a black phone that is not connected. I hate his stupid hair, I hate his stupid pinball obsession, but the thing I hate the most is my big fat stupid crush on him. BNHA | Reader Midoriya Izuku | Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Bakugo Katsuki Mute Reader Manga. Me: It is nice to meet you all. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Villains x Male Reader] Millions of years ago there was once a rogue group of Hamon users, their antics causing the very tribes they c yanderexmalereader; jjba; yanderexreader +3 more # 11. He lost everything, his father grabbed him and put him in …. A collection of oneshots for Fictober 2023. He hiccupped softly, curling up against him. The last saiyan man(Dragon ball harem x Male saiyan reader). And father who is a the only family you seem to know. He wore a black leather coat, black shirt and black pants black shoes being entirely dressed in black carrying one brown backpack on his shoulder his name was Wesker The second male was afro american with green eyes and a bald shaved head was second wearing brown jacket, white t-shirt blue jeans, blue shoes carrying another brown backpack. Shakunetsu Kabaddi/Burning Kabaddi. And now, they have a new kid in their school. Once there was a boy who lived in a village. You had to lie, cheat, and steal to survive. He looked around the mess hall, trying to spot the person who had just called his name. What if you were there along with Red, and Blue and Green. Read the most popular finnxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. I do x male reader, x female reader, and x non-binary reader. Lancelot (Sonic and the Black Knight) Zavok (Sonic the Hedgehog) Doctor Starline (Sonic the Hedgehog) Longclaw (Sonic the Hedgehog) Topaz (Sonic X) This story is a Various!Sonics x Male!Sonic!Reader and contains selfcest like the tags suggest. Theblackphonexreader Stories. See a recent post on Tumblr from @rainnmaybank about black phone x reader. #black phone x reader on Tumblr. Too bad danger keeps finding him when he wants no part of it. [Takes place before meeting David] Y/n was part of a secret division of agents During the 4th Corpo F/n L/n a prisoner of circumstance. Read the most popular alastorxmalereader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. She felt you move and looked at you with a smile. He eventually found a secluded location behind a shop and then flew up as high as he could. Eggman had a hostage and all seven Chaos Emeralds, but nothing could have prepared any of them for the new comer that was about to show up. After the horrific events in The Black Phone, the serial killer dubbed "The Galesburg Grabber" survives an attack from his final victim, and is deemed by the courts to be criminally insane—and not only court-ordered to be treated at your hospital, but also assigned to you as a patient. creepypasta x reader one shots. The White Wraith by Arrowbolt5. You and Toby set to work trying to find where the person was. I make a Charcuterie board and pure two glasses of wine. you are the second son to Artoria Pentdrago. not of one's own kind For all the things you could have eaten, one of them happen to be a Devil Fruit. *bites into a banana* Happy readin. Groaning softly as you sat up, swinging your legs over the edge of the bed, you ruffled your thick hair, glancing at the clock. Your girlfriend, Natasha Romanoff, died roughly 9 months ago. The Benefits of Choosing a Black. Disclaimer: The upcoming chapters may discuss angsty topics. GameToons Mods Among Us, Hatsune Miku and Monika. PowerPuffGirls X Nerd Male reader by Ku_Teku. Read stories about #hopeyouenjoy, #oneshots, and #bruceyamada on Wattpad, recommended by 123wolflover123. He was later encountered by Team Chaotix …. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x Male rea by Em. Y/n is the schools popular boy, loved. When he found me I was I am now, a monster. You were a Youkaiand Youkai were never meant to be here. That was your plan too, to live your. Y/N is a smart young boy who can sometimes come off as awkward. The Human Skylander (Skylanders x Male Reader). When the Aurora crashes on 4546B, it has devastating effects on anything within a 940 meter radius. The supporting cast elevates the story even further, especially Ricky (Adina Porter), one of cinema’s most vital Bla. I stare at the ground in embarrassment and shame as the Prince of All Saiyan's stared down at me. Read the most popular malereaderinsert stories on Wattpad, the …. New Member - Ten/Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul X Male! Reader (NCT) Thu, May 3, 2018. He lives in an alleyway in a little cardboard house with a bunch of stuff he collect to try and survive. You are employed at the Phantomhive Manor after being found under odd circumstances. Fanfiction Romance Harry Potter. You have a brother who is close to you but distant. Yandere Flippy x Male Reader (Happy Tree Friends) Mon, Apr 25, 2022. You have always been an earnest boy, a good boy who takes words to hear 1 Next page ». And this place in 2018 Halloween and La peepaw. [this story includes: swearing, fantasy, adventure, Dream-X-male-reader, romance ,death, reincarnation] Will change discription later. The Unseen Blade (RWBY X MaleReade by Dranged. Also take note that it may be mostly fluff and maybe so mild sexual stuff (VERY minor) if you have any requests, let me know!. Neo x Male reader by animeartist1023 on DeviantArt. Finney Blake x Male OC The Black Phone Warnings for kidnapping, mental abuse, physical abuse, mental breakdowns, language, and other topics Started - July 23rd 2022 Ended - August 5th 2022 Published- July 24th 2022 Little Dark Age - MGMT old username on cover. Y/n is a childhood friend of Harley Quinn Harley sets off on her own to take over Gotham with the help of her crew , Y. She walked over to you and sat down. haikyuu!! x male reader oneshots. Text to Voice, also known as Text-to-Speech (TTS), is a method of speech synthesis that converts a written text to an audio from the text it reads. Y/N, a teenage boy visiting Japan in the summer, he comes across a book in a shop that will change his life forever. Fanfiction Gay MLM FNaF Male X Male Reader. He is only (18-24) years old; yet he's. Unquenchable rage, untamable anger, it was all he felt when his parents lay still right before his very eyes. Will he be able to free himself rom the dark. I notice that he’s moved and shoot my bomb at them. I look next to me and see William. "Careful Marion! It's still hot. With that said, you and Black Rock Shooter headed east to visit a friend of hers who might help find a way back home. Black Cat: Aww, how cute~ I don’t see your name on it. Plot: Scaramouche bullies and teases (Y/n) Teyvat High School: the high school where all famous or rich people send their kids or enter the school if they're the rich ones. A new student at Beacon catches the attention of the blonde haired brawler. Dante Smith Erwin's younger brother he's nothing like his brother hes stubborn sassy mean and hides everything he feels him and Levi met when he first joined and they so levixmalereader. She said, raising an eyebrow in delight. Black Clover: Blinded Totality by cloverkeeper. Astonished, yet worried for your well-being, you try to be on good terms with the psychopath. You saw that the man was wearing a black trench coat and a fedora from what you. Famous American model, actor and singer. 8K 81 3 Just as title say I make one shot request is open btw Sorry if I had bad grammars Just choose your Manhwa character and I will try make the story you also can suggest. After the horrific events in The Black Phone, the serial killer dubbed “The Galesburg Grabber” survives an attack from his final victim, and is deemed by the courts to be criminally insane—and not only court-ordered to be treated at your hospital, but also assigned to you as a patient. Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, Hestia, Ares, Poseidon, Hades and Athena. Konosuba x Male Reader! (OP Male Reader x Harem) :). All rights go to their respective owners. With Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Davies. Broken soul ( Female!GoldenFreddy x Male!Reader x Female!Nightmare ) ( Reader P. Tsufurian/Saiyan Male reader x Dragon ball Z 5 parts Ongoing. His other novels include NOS4A2, and his #1 New York Times Best-Seller, The Fireman which was also the winner of a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Horror Novel. But the more years he join Hogwarts, the more stuffs he'll discover about himself. female various x male reader 6 (Request Close) Fanfiction. Motherly Yandere Female Mewtwo X Male Reader (Part 2) Wed, Aug 2, 2017. Arsene: My diamonds kitty cat, go back to robbing homes and inconveniencing families by taking a couch because suede suits you. This is your story in the TMNT world!. (FINISHED STORY) When Peter Parker and Alex (Oc) texts the avengers and befriend them will the avengers end up finding out the two teens secret of being the neighborhood. Browse; Wattpad Originals Marvel : black widow x male reader Overwatch : d. Woe Love by A Various Male Reader 56. After your parents were killed at a young age, you were raised by your brother Adam Taurus. Soooo Idk if I like this yet but whateves. William wakes up shortly after and looks up at me, "Good morning lovely. You were sleeping on your side and slightly turned your head to the right looking up at the beautiful face belonging to Marceline. Yandere!Female!Goku!Black x Male!Saiyan Reader (Part 1) Tue, Apr 12, 2022. He lived in a nice urban neighborhood in Satan City. Haikyuu x Child Male Reader Platonic ofc, just some cuteness to yo malechildreader; haikyuuxreader; malereader +9 more # 7. the Force of Evil Male Re by Fruit. wolfhard; theturning; finnwolfhardxreader +22 more # 5. Kuroshitsuji X Male Reader. It's a solid, visceral thriller, albeit one that's full of peril and violence involving young teens. Every boy she talks to seems to go missing a. Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's Picks conscious but as you open your eyes you find yourself in a strange large area with the walls being covered by a weird black goo. Y/N was cursed, unable to speak without the risk of hurting others. Meet Y/N L/N he is the first human Skylander. A World Unlike Ours (Male Reader x by sonicunleashed12 761K 7. Female Cell x Male (Saiyan) Reader. But he can build and fight, and that's all he needs. He then left his home with quickness. Everywhere you look you see the same, your boring life beyond change. Sirius' head snapped back instantly at the gorgeous boy that had completely stolen his heart, watching him as he dissapeared behind a wall, before he returned his eyes to Lily, who was looking at him smugly. You are a wizard who doesn't know his mother because she died when you were a young age. Addictions you wish, but unwilling to change. what will happen when the fairy, guard dog, and the spider has. Follow the story of a new student joining Hogwarts in the same year as the Golden Trio and watch as Rwby (ruby x reader) 87 parts. Language: English Words: 2,876 Chapters: 2/2 Comments: 5 Kudos: 381 Bookmarks: 21 Hits: 10,133; Footer. The Phantom (Black Widow x Male Reader) Fanfiction. the afternoon sun spewed through the slotted blinds that lined the wall furthest from the door. The ghosts of dead kids then basically table. Lovely Dream [Haikyuu! x Male! Reader] Boyfr 21 parts Complete Mature. His second, Horns, was made into a film freakfest starring Daniel Radcliffe. Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Yandere Various X Reader Male Yandere Various Sailor Reader Sea Ocean Water Sailors believe in more than just wives' tales, they believe in the truth. Afterwards you were covered with red lipstick and had your loving Pokemon snuggled into your stomach. A young boy's parents have been killed right in front of his eyes, and all he could feel was rage. It's about a boy that suddenly decides to take up Senshado and leave behind his normal life and start a new one. "I know that's you, Marco~" He mused. Two teddy bear, one gold and while the second was black. It All starts with Pokémon Red, Blue, & Yellow. " I chuckle smacking his arm, Remus sighs nodding. Slaying those who did the same to his mother and father, he learnt to control and manipulate the shadows. Male Red Hood Reader X DCAMU Raven Takes place in DC Animated Movies Universe (2013 - 2020) Death wasn't kind. On a sunny day, there was a young man walking down the street of West City. And choices ain't really Y/N's forte'. The moment their harrypotter; slytherin; deatheaters +13 more # 12. Attack on Titan x Reader [F] No matter what dreams or hopes you had No matter how blessed a life you've lived Everyone will die someday. Read masky x male reader from the story creepypasta x reader one shots by catlover1236 (ayumi Airi) with 1,934 reads. Kim Jisoo (BLACKPINK)/Reader. It was about 9:30 and I was still up cause of my stupid insomnia that. 15 pages March 19, 2018 Emily Ann Black Butler | Reader | Anime/Manga Fantasy Sebastian Ciel Demon Black Butler X Male Reader X Male Ciel has been given a letter to investigate the disappearance of local of a town not to far away and they already have a suspect but what he doesn't realize is that he was getting into something more complicated. This is the massive crossover of Y/N L/N. Soon enough, Y/N has become one of the best students at Miyagi-Do Karate. The only friend that he had was Izuku Midoriya, who was also bully for been quirkless After Tamaki and Kirishima encounter a strange boy, things take a …. You simply did and thrusted carefully so you wouldn't hurt her but slowly picked up the pace. Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! SK∞/SK8 the Infinity. Then again, (Y/N) (L/N) wasn't born of the light, nor was he a hero. Avengers X Female/Male Reader Insert Characters Include: Tony Stark; Bruce Banner; Natasha Romanoff; Thor Odinson; Bucky Barnes; Steve Rogers; Pietro Maximoff; Nick Fury; (The Vision) Clint Barton; Wanda Maximoff; Coulson; Loki Laufeyson +Much More # avengers # avengersimagines # chrisevans # chrishemsworth # coulson # elizabetholsen. Powerful protagonist but not a Gary Stu. Lady approached you while she laid a hand onto your shoulder. The long lost little brother becom by Ka Zhang Phan. T'Challa got down on one knee and you covered your mouth T'Challa said will you marry me. ” Language: English Words: 515 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 3 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 337. you said, flattered by her praise. Browse through and read or take ciel x male reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. The most famous heroes have graduated from this prestigious school. After some getting to know each other, they. DC Female Characters x Male Reader Stories Chapter 1. I get nervous and take deep breathes as the phone rings. Mainly a jerk named Hawk Mouth. He meets Miho and the rest of the characters in his adventure. [DISCONTINUED - Thank you for coming with me along this journey] This is a male! reader, but feel free to read it no matter what you are💕 You weren't the strongest person. That is until he learned that his father was a wizard not only that but a wizard criminal named Sirius Black now he has to enter Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry as well as help in the war to come. A Dick Grayson Slow-Burn Romance Novel (18+) 11 parts Ongoing Mature. Yandere Esdeath X Male Reader. Y/n got kidnapped then got adopt by Exo family's which number 1 world mafia. He's not a man who likes to show his face to others. Discover more posts about the grabber x you, the black phone, albert shaw x you, the grabber, albert shaw x reader, albert shaw, and the grabber x reader. trans men welcome come get y’all juice. JJK | Reader Sukuna | Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Sukuna X Male Oc Sukuna X Male Reader Sukuna X Oc Jjk X Male Oc Even after he got free of the world of Jujutsu, he knew he could never escape. [Male name] hugged back tightly, rubbing soothing circles into his back. Even killed Kid Buu before Goku could finish the spirt bomb. (The Black Phone)/Reader (73) Albert | The Grabber (The Black. Late - Lee Taemin X Male! Reader (SHINee) Thu, May 3, 2018. But he still tries to go on with life, the way he wants to. At the end of each chapter, readers are given a few plot choices and must choose the direction of the story. All the maids got killed infront Y/n eye. A changed furry world (furry girls x male reader). Like usual, the main character will be over Unspoken (BNHA x Male child reader) 34 parts. Scaramouche (Genshin Impact)/Reader. Albert | The Grabber (The Black Phone) (67) Reader (53) Max Shaw (The Black Phone) (14) You (9) Original Female Character(s) (8) Original Characters (5) …. The story follows a earthling who wants to Dirty, Little, Traitor [Scaramouche x Reader 43 parts. He was laying on the cold, damp mattress in a basement of a house, a house that wasn't his own. Planting a fake smile on his face, he looked towards the clock in his office, watching as the small hand quickly, almost too quickly, rounded to 12:00am. She was quirkless too, at least you thought she was. Our favorite redhead thinks he's cooked up the perfect scheme to unlock Sebastian's black heart, and he very well means to drag you down with him. When I saw blood it made me forget the name Dick Grayson. fem Goku Black x male saiyan reader You are Y/n Briefs the adopted son of Vegeta.