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William Afton DadWilliam Afton | Dave Miller/William Afton’s Father; William Afton | Dave Miller; William Afton’s Father; Original Male Character(s) Young William Afton | Dave …. Elizabeth has Starwberry Blond Hair. Michael Afton's Friends are supporting antagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 minigame segments, serving as the secondary antagonists of the fifth and penultimate minigame. The son of Otis Williams, Otis Lamont Williams, died in 1983 in a workplace accident in Detroit, where he was employed as a construction worker. MIchael Afton is a main character in Aftons Rebuilt. gg/cEpPf5FThere's a terrible family afoot. If you're looking for his child counterpart in the Novel Trilogy, look under Michael Brooks. The burning was so pervasive and complete that William's charred skeleton is. At work, he wears a purple uniform with a gold badge and brown shoes. Suddenly, her pain faded to the background,replaced with fascination, obsession. She was kept on because she was the only technician who didn't cause the robots to 'act up', even at night. Gregory is a small, thin child with apricot skin, messy brown hair and brown eyes. Spring Bonnie is most notable for being one of the few mascots to …. Fnaf 3 PG, Fnaf 2 PG, "Pink guy", Adventure PG, Micheal Afton (Post-Scooping), and Springtrap. A motive for William Afton (Abusive Father) An identity for Old Man Consequences (Afton's Father - his "Old Man") The "Consequences" that he is facing (Trapped in Hell, forced to confront the fact that he "created" the William Afton that we know today. She is possessed by Elizabeth Afton, the daughter of William Afton and sister of Michael Afton and the …. For fans of the brand, the RM Williams online sale is an event to look forward to. William Afton was thought to be the protagonist of Sister. Voiced by PJ Heywood (who also voices his son Michael), is someone you wouldn’t like to cross your path with. "You've got to understand that you're dealing with the image of a 14-year-old child. William Afton is a neglectful father he punches Elizabeth and brandy also manipulates Kenny to get what he wants. The Our Father prayer, also known as the Lord’s Prayer, is one of the most widely recognized and recited prayers in Christianity. " This is because of how William killed the child outside of Fredbear's Diner, then the child merged with the Marionette. At his funeral, a memorial was created in the New Harmony cemetery[51] where it remains to this day. With that being said, it explains why Freddy wants to help Gregory. That's at least 17, 18 if you believe William planned CC's death. Same hair color and similar clothes. He was a member of Mosheim Church of God. - Let's assume, for a moment, that William Afton's father was abusive towards him. Clara was a prodigy inventor like her father. The Missing Children, sometimes referred to as the MCI Victims, are the children that William Afton abducted and murdered during the Missing Children's Incident. I hate it when dad explains how Bonnie is his favourite, eww!!. William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy or Springtrap, is the main antagonist of the ScottGames era of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. to/salvagedrageWatch FNM's NEWEST. RM Williams is a renowned Australian brand known for its high-quality leather goods and iconic boots. The Crying Child is Named Evan Afton. Basically William and Henry's crackhead Springtrap was finally accepted by the animatronics. But years later she realizes those dreams had turned into nightmares after their youngest evanafton. In the series, William Afton, the father, serves as the main antagonist, and his actions have resulted in the death of a number of innocent victims. If you go by STRICTLY William versus actual death count, it'd be Gabriel, Fritz, Jeremy, Susie, Cassidy, Susie's dog (far as we know), Charlie, and believed to be 4 more kids, I. When a friend of yours loses his or her father, it’s important for you to express your condolences simply and honestly without turning the loss into an occasion to talk about yourself. afton and BV or foxybro not, i think michael is the only william's biological son because the similar voice and appearence, he have elizabeth when he re-marry with BV or foxybro's mother, BV or foxybro. William's wife leaves him after the birth of. Here is the heartbreaking reason Afton Williams, who played Talia Bishop on The Rookie, never returned to the show. William Afton's appearance in Pizzeria Simulator appears. All the videos are from Markiplier's Sister Location Series!Spoiler Alerts for the new episode if you haven't seen it. Mike Schmidt is the main protagonist of the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's film. He seems to have a connection with his …. I'm just calling to see if that job that you offered was still available. Known as the Purple Guy, Purple Man, Springtrap, Mr. (Crying Child) and Elizabeth Afton. ly/SubFNM | Get this song: https://ffm. He was the only witness to the …. Michael Afton is the posthumous protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's & the main protagonist of Afton. Five Nights At Freddy’s: Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True. Good Parent William Afton. The main five children in question were kidnapped from their parents while they were in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1985 and, upon being murdered by William, they were promptly stuffed into the animatronic mascots. Henry, as a child, was ambitious. His family is in shambles, but he’s totally fine with that…especially if it means he won’t have to see his father William again. He appears in multiple Five Nights at Freddy's games, (and is speculated to be present in multiple …. He lies on the ground, presumably dead. He has fairly light skin, brown hair, and blue eyes, sharing a similar appearance to his father William Afton. Elizabeth Afton, also known as Circus Baby, is the secondary antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. He is the voice of William Afton from the opening scene of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and Michael Afton in the Golden Freddy Custom Night Ending. As seen from the Real Ending, the reflection of a simple, black. Just random fnaf conversations, rants, random head canon's, incorrect quotes, questions, and memes. Michael Afton in the FNaF Novels AU (Replacement for John). After Afton murdered his daughter Charlotte, he would dedicate his life to …. Little does he know that someone is tracking all his moves and will do anything to keep …. The Freddy Files Description: "Business partner to Charlie's late father, William Afton was also one of the prime suspects in the missing children case from ten years ago. William Afton is depicted as a serial killer who is responsible for the deaths of numerous children, including his own daughter, Elizabeth. William Afton is no newbie to every day evil. Henry used to work alongside William Afton back at Fredbear's Family Diner. He is the uncle of Chris Afton and Terrence Afton, as he just sits on the couch and watches television rather than tending to Chris’ needs. He was the co-founder and owner of Fazbear Entertainment and Afton Robotics, LLC, as well as a serial killer directly and indirectly responsible for most of the incidents and tragedies throughout the series, including being the culprit involved in The Missing. Unlike the main animatronics, she primarily appears in scripted encounters. William Afton created Circus Baby to be the titular mascot of Circus Baby's Pizza World. William's dad didn't believe it at first but after seeing something similiar he decided that William needed help. Afton, ege his alter ego, David Miller, or his kids, Michael Afton,Elizabeth Afton or Evan Afton. If you want to see his Novel Trilogy counterpart, please visit this page. His birth was the outcome of an affair between his mother Amanda Afton and his father John Afton. And lastly, it explains the urge to hide out in the pizzaplex. He was given the death penalty. Heyyy!!!💗💗Voici un petit cadeau?😂💗💗Les personnes sont:-Kara 😂-Harry Potter-Izuku Midoriya -Michael Afton. Vincent, also known as Fritz Smith, the Purple Guy, or the Phone Guy, is the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and a major character in The Return to Freddy's Classic (serving as the deuteragonist of the gameplay and the main antagonist/occasional protagonist of the minigames) During nights 1-5, he sends phone calls to Mike Schmidt to inform him. After Elizabeth died, William's remaining love for his family went with her. The Crying Child is a timid child with a seemingly paralyzing fear or phobia of many things, including animatronics. My Own Headcanon For William Afton's Childhood. William Afton is the founder of Fazbear Entertainment Inc — a family restaurant chain he uses as a cover to murder several children. Fans were able to conclude that it is William Afton who speaks this line as he is trying to put together his ‘broken’ son by fusing his mind inside of an animatronic. William was an alcholic, abusive father who - even beyond death - sought only to bring pain and misfortune to those around him. Released on December 4, 2017, on Steam and Game Jolt, it is the sixth main installment of the Five Nights at Freddy's video game series, the …. We pulled 100 of the scariest and most extreme pranks in 24 hours on our friends and others! SUBSCRIBE or we'll prank you. Sammy Emily is the one you shouldn't have killed. When he was a teenager, he wears a foxy mask with a grey shirt and blue shorts. (The children) are home, with me…Their happiest day. He is the younger brother of Micheal Afton and son of William Afton. And in the recordings we find out that her. Note: This page is for the canon information we know about Clara. Afton in his alter ego first kidnaps and kills Henrys child probably as an extension of his jealousy for Henry's life. William and Henry's Relationship and. Elizabeth Afton is the daughter of William Afton and the sister of Michael Afton. Just think of it as just a fun short for Halloween!. theorists believe that William is taking on these aliases as he is trying to free the souls of the children that his father mindlessly murdered. Your mother hands you over to your father, Who just happens to be Vincent. Afton (Five Nights at Freddy's) The Crying Child (Five Nights at Freddy's) William Afton | Dave Miller; Elizabeth Afton; Additional Tags: Unknown Rape; Mother/Son Incest; Abused Michael Afton; Michael Afton is The Crying Child's Older Brother; Michael Afton Gets Revenge …. He serves as the main antagonist or deuteragonist of Dayshift at Freddy's and Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric …. Vanessa is a young light-skinned woman with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, bright green eyes, freckles, purple nails, and glossy lips. She was a kid after all! She died when she was 5 years old, by getting ran over by a car. One part of the video imagines William Afton, the main antagonist of the game series, pleading with his son Michael to be let out and banging on a surface, with the recording …. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes. Although he is not fairly easy to read, you may notice many of William’s character traits. C And Elizabeth Are twins because it seems more likley to be true. William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's novel trilogy. The Five Nights at Freddy's Movie: Directed by Chris Juarez. She is a sweet and responsible young girl who is protective of her little brother, but holds a bit of a sibling rivalry with her older one. William Afton is scared of death, so he goes to great lengths to stop it. William afton is not the father of Michael, Evan and. The CEO (William Afton) has done Everything in his power to make sure kids DON'T die in his establishment, So that's an excellent theory that he would have been thrilled to find Charlie again, who resembled her dad and had inherited many of his quirks. William Afton’s death before the player’s arrival to the Fazbear Fright’s was very well written for an indie game that was made by one guy. And Elizabeth Lail in the role of Vanessa, Piper Rubio as Abby Schmidt. Elizabeth Afton & William Afton | Dave Miller (30) Include Additional Tags Good Parent William Afton | Dave Miller (284) The Crying Child is Named Evan Afton (100) Michael Afton is The Crying Child's Older Brother (80) Michael Afton Needs a Hug (68) Angst (56) Fluff (54) Bad Parent William Afton | Dave Miller (53) Not Beta Read (42). William the Conqueror was famous for being the first Norman king of England. She wears a red button up sweater along with ruffles on the chest, has a purple star pin …. hi :)!Lol🔔 About the video: 🔔🎀 OC used in the video: 🎀_ William Afton_ Michael Afton_ (Fake)WilliamAudio/Music in video :_ Caught_in_A_Loop_Princess_Ques. Comprised of infamous serial killer William Afton and his three children (with the family's matriarch being entirely absent from the series as of current knowledge), the Aftons are a highly dysfunctional family responsible for spreading much suffering both to. The way that it’s being presented tho says that Michael didn’t dismantle them. Michael Afton is the oldest son of William Afton. Role: In 1963, William met Henry at a bar called Jrs. com/channel/UCaafoRf7C7eRmcqR36N5a7QIf yo. I will make them react to the aftons soon I swearHere is the videos I used: https://youtu. William proved to be an absent father and husband, resulting in Mrs. A young Michael is the player character during. The best answer I have at the moment was that Afton was simply a cold-blooded psychopath and Charlie happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Born in Melbourne, Australia and raised on a steady diet of British television, PJ Heywood inadvertently picked up a …. This is kinda like my Hidden Tears Au but like a little different. William Afton is a decent father although neglectful, distant, and spite after the death of his son Evan he was enraged by burning down Fredbear's Family Diner then kills Henry's daughter, March 30, 1985 his daughter Elizabeth was killed by one of his creations, this causes his son Michael to be scared of him and ran away out of fear from him. After Elizabeth gets scooped by Baby, Ms. Yo so this willam afton I'm fnaf FaN. It’s 1989, and Michael Afton is a young man on his own after the death of his little brother, Evan and disappearance of his little sister, Elizabeth. Mike's mother marries William and gives birth to Mike. It’s Me (TryHardNinja) – 2636236661. Sometimes, there are cute moments, but other times, life throws curveballs. I hope you enjoy this Elizabeth Afton song! I wanted to touch on the idea of how throughout Elizabeth's story, she really just wanted her father to see her,. evan loves his mom with all of his heart. com/channel/UCToxKVrkEuAONR4rFIJ_DyQ?sub_confirmation=1Gregory and Glamrock Freddy make their way beneath Fr. Her sister, Venus Williams, is her only full-blood sibling, since the two share the same mother and father. How I Interpret William and Henry's Relationship and. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano is the deuteragonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation. He is the night-shift security guard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. William Afton - Crushed inside of Spring Bonnie due to a spring lock failure, while trying to defend against the ghosts of Gabriel, Fritz, Susie, Jeremy, and Cassidy. A car in the shadows stops behind her, on the other side of the road, and William Afton comes out, staring at …. While Jeremy Fitzgerald is confirmed predecessor to Fritz Smith as the security guard since he is the guard from nights 1 through 6, it is theorized that Fritz is a character from elsewhere in …. Meanwhile, a 20-year-old video of her s. Mar 26, 2021 - Explore Michael Afton's board "michael afton" on Pinterest. The grave site of William Afton / Plot 10360422. There is a theory, that 1:35 am kinda tell us what happened with William's wife, so just to be fast, the body in the ventilation that hand unit told us in sister location, was William's wife's. The player then hears Baby's voice repeating "you won't die", and Michael gets back. William x Michael Afton Gacha Heat 13+. For whatever reason, she divorces William and gains full custody of Mike, this would also happen before Mike forms any memory of William. Vincent Afton serves as a major antagonist of the film. Michael and his friends where trying to play a prank on him by making him get close to FredBear, tho the prank failed and FredBear ended up accidentally …. He is the person responsible for the death of his brother Joseph. This is a tragic video that depicts Clara Vincenza Afton, the wife of William Afton, driving off of a cliff to her death after a heated argument with her hus. Gregtrap x Reborn Mike :D x CassidyPrincess theory Gregory an orphan who was possessed by a child murderer, William Afton. Pre-Night 5 "Elizabeth Afton" (also known as Willam Afton's Daughter) is a minor but pivotal character in Sister Location. As an adult, William took the job as mechanic, that was how he met Henry Emily. What Is William Afton’s Mother’s Name?. William, her older brother, witnessed that, he. William Afton, otherwise known as Dave Miller and Springtrap, is the main antagonist of the novels The Silver Eyes, The Twisted Ones and The Fourth Closet. Mike always was and always will be William's child. This plays every time the player starts the game for the first time. He was Henry Emily's business partner and co-founded Fredbear's Family Diner and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza while committing several murders during that time, including those children missing in an incident in 1985. William Afton’s Mother’s Name?. William is literally too evil and wicked to stay dead. Comprised of infamous serial killer William Afton and his three children (with the family's matriarch being entirely absent from the series as of current. There, he sees 6 dead kids, each wearing party hats. In this category you have all sound effects, voices and sound clips to play, download and share. Charlie was a strange but kindhearted little girl who cared deeply about her family. He is the villainous main protagonist of the midnight motorist mini-game, and the main antagonist of “the beginning” and “finale. Unbeknown for him, the plush was actually a camera his father used to check on him. She is Vlad's mistress in The Immortal and The Restless. Choose meme Afton Family (Choose mom or dad). Michael is the oldest child of William. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator is a point-and-click business simulation survival horror video game developed and published by Scott Cawthon. William himself would be a neglectful and possibly abusive father. " He is William and Vanessa Afton's father, as well as the father of William's. Alabama Shakespeare Festival ( M. Things go quite wrong quite quickly, though, with Afton murdering Emily’s daughter around the time of the Bite of 83, forcing the establishment to close. Afton is Named Alison Afton. He is Elizabeth and Gregory's older brother, and William Afton's eldest son. William Afton is the main antagonist of the Children comic series. Being a dad isn’t purely biological. " Other Characters Michael Brooks. I mean, it might’ve been a wee bit more emotionally manipulative rather than cold rejection (William does convince Michael to go into his Underground Clown Sex Bunker™) but William probably just toyed with Michael’s emotions a lot. Normal spring Bonnie (spring trap. 7 Elizabeth: 5-7 (time of death) Susie: 7 William Afton: 35-54 Evan Afton DOB: between 1973 and 1979 Age:4-10 Micheal Afton Age. william; chris; michael +9 more # 5. (Y/N) (L/N), is an average teen who lives with her father, a worker for fredbears family dinner run by William Afton and Henry Emily. 173: Her father’s deep attachment to his creatures had never outweighed his pragmatism “William Afton never made anything with love,” Jessica snarled. Sometimes, he may be controlled by his (fanon) brother Vincent as Glitchtrap. Born in 1929, raised somewhere in Oklahoma, unlike in some fan interpretations and possibly canon. establishment, turning her into Afton's first victim. William: I gotta go love~ Good luck with the rest of the quiz~ Mika: Thanks babe~ Michael: See ya Dad. And you're just you, dragged along on his downward spiral. William Afton, also known as the 'Purple' Guy and Springtrap, was the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, prior to The Mimic taking his place. Is Michael Afton Gay? Examining The Debate Around The FNAF …. Not where you looking for? See Afton (disambiguation) or Elizabeth (disambiguation). See a recent post on Tumblr from @ashiiuou about michael afton. Michael Afton was born in the late 1960s. Father? -Michael Afton Uh -William Afton. William thought he can take a full control of securitybreach. Michael Afton was never one to share the tragedies of his past, nor was he one to reminisce in them. She later briefly appears in the tenth Stitchwraith Stinger. William Afton was born in 1940, in birth place, Florida. Greg’s father insults Greg once they get home, and he retreats upstairs to take a shower. William Afton animatronics fnaf world minigame. Charlotte "Charlie" Emily dies. In one of the hidden CDs in Security Breach, we learn that Vanessa's manipulative father, Bill (an obvious stand-in for William) demonized his ex-wife in court to win custody over their daughter, which caused the latter to commit suicide out of grief. Why was William Afton framed for killing five children in "Five …. William was born on the 29th of July in 1954. The Crying Child is NOT William Afton's Child. Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, and …. Her shoes are a pair of Roxy-themed …. Michael Afton (also nicknamed as "Eggs Benedict" by the HandUnit) is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. He was the serial killer responsible for the murder of a dozen children over the period of about a decade, as well as the founder of Fredbear's Family Diner and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. sometimes we both just sit and be quiet. On July 11th, 2020, YouTuber Squimpus McGrimpus uploaded "Finale," the last video of their fan-made Five Nights at Freddy's VHS analog horror series. The Freddy Files Description: "This sleeker, humanoid animatronic serves William Afton, who calls her "Elizabeth. William Afton is the main antagonist of the FNaF VHS series by Squimpus McGrimpus, serving as the overarching antagonist of both Season 1 and the non-canon. However, there are a few candidates: The most popular theory is that the Orange Guy is William Afton, with the TV person being Michael Afton and the son being the Crying Child. He is an eccentric British businessman and engineer, as well as the former business partner and best friend of Henry Emily, and is the honorary uncle to Henry's. The daughter of the serial killer, William Afton. However, as the series progresses, she ultimately turns out to be a shapeshifting creature of shadowy chaos that feeds off the agony of her victims. Michael Afton X Female Reader by urlfewillnvrbethesme 80. Elizabeth Afton, better known as just Liz, is a main character in BlueyCapsules. However, due to Baby the animatronics being programmed to …. And this would lead to William Afton having died in the summer of 1987. Though he was never officially charged, William left town quickly and his current whereabouts are unknown. Set in a universe where Elizabeth is missing (presumed dead) and the remaining children have been abandoned by their mother, Michael, William, and Evan are left to sort through the wreckage of their home life alone. The story of serial killer William Afton from Five Nights at Freddy's Series. Afton goes into depression and eventually kills herself (she can also leave, but it. He is a serial killer who murdered numerous children before …. Discover more posts about micheal afton, fnaf 4, fnaf michael afton, crying child, afton family, william afton, and michael afton. - If William did end up killing his dad and didn't get caught, he'd likely inherit the purple vehicle that his father was driving during Midnight Motorist, which closely mimics the …. Afton about the incident, and decided to leave town, taking Elizabeth with him. William Afton is the main antagonist of the series. How Do You Think William Treated His Kids? :: FIVE NIGHTS AT. Circus Baby was created for her by her father, William Afton. When Greg is done and opens the bathroom door, he falls to the floor upon seeing something bleeding wrapped in a beige sheet. Andrew also escapes from The Stitchwraith animatronic. He is an alternate universe version of William Afton from the Five Nights at Freddy's game series. But my working theory is that Vanny (46 on the tape logs) and Vanessa (71 on the tape logs and the security guard) Vanessa is the one that is. William Afton (also known as Purple Guy, and Dave Miller in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes) was a serial killer, responsible for The Missing Children incident mentioned in the original games. He is known for being the true culprit of all the murder cases of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria history. Along with best friend and business partner …. William Afton dismantle the FNAF 1 animatronics ">How did William Afton dismantle the FNAF 1 animatronics. Circus Baby, or Baby, is one of the animatronics in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals, and the main antagonist of Sister Location. The Man Behind the Slaughter refers to a series of ironic memes referencing a line from a fan-made Five Night's at Freddy's song "It's Been So Long" by The Living Tombstone. It's assumed in this minigame, we see a reckless and violent William Afton return from killing charlie in the Security Puppet minigame. FNaF My AU: I’m keeping FNaF SB Afton/Glitchtrap/Burntrap. Henry Emily is the Five Night's At Freddy's 3 Night Guard. This takes place after Security Breach, but before Into ruin. In the standards of 1980's, he would probably seen as beating his kids "a healthy amount". Undisclosed to Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. Find the axe, and pull them apart one last time. She says that it is similar to the one her dad has. Oswald's father pulls him out but gets trapped. Michael said the Funtime believed him to be William. My Daddy/Uncle is William Afton Mon Papa/Oncle est. BABY MICHAEL AAAA fnaf five nights at freddy's william afton michael afton . Ennard, also known as Molten Freddy in FNaF 6, is the true main antagonist of Sister Location and a major antagonist in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. ” Linda Emily - "who?" less relevant stuff - Clarissa Borden - aunt. A springlock failure is an event that occurs when the springlocks inside a springlock suit activate and spin inwards, allowing the animatronic parts, wiring, and metal crossbeams to move into their original place, which just so happens to be where the user of the suit is. Hello there! :)Apps used :→ Capcut→ Gacha club→ ibispaintScreenshot taken : 806 pictures - lazy idiot. Five Nights at Freddy's; Five Nights at Freddy's 2; Five Nights at Freddy's 3; Five Nights at Freddy's 4;. [3] , propriétaire de Afton Robotics, LLC , et père de deux enfants ; Michael …. During the missing children incident, he wore a costume of the Spring Bonnie mascot, …. He is the youngest child of William Afton, and the younger brother of Michael and Elizabeth Afton. The traumatic experience of her childhood causes her to become increasingly determined to solve the …. He befriends this soul, showing them the present of Fazbear Entertainment. Is The Afton Family Real? FNAF Story And Characters Age. Like Mike Schmidt, Jeremy's appearance is never seen, as the player is forced to stay in first person view for the entirety of the game. Her father had turned his attention back to it, lovingly polishing her. He is William Afton's oldest child. If William And Henry CHANGE THEIR ROLES. Bottom William Afton | Dave Miller. William Afton I (also called Bill Afton, or William Afton the first) is a fan interpretation of the Orange Guy in the 6th main game of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. William afton vs Williams dad ( singing battle ). Michael is fellow Sexyman William Afton's son and the older brother of Elizabeth Afton. Will Michael Afton Like You?. She Michael'd on my Afton until I scooped. Michael Afton: My Life when William Afton is My Father! (The Afton. Is William Afton Still Alive?Subscribe To Top 10 Gaming: http://bit. - Hello Everyone👋 I'm Sparkle_Aftøn💜- I Make Gacha FNaF and Afton's Content ️😎- I Do Lots of Challenges, Different Cool Stuffs with the Afton's Family🔥-. Just like "Clara afton", "Noah" and "Chris" Oliver is a fanmade name, presumably made by gacha's (!!no hate!!), which means it …. Gregory is a young boy with unruly chocolate brown hair, he has cut himself. First appearing in Sister Location, she is the one possessing Circus Baby. ClaraHe is voiced by Kenneth Mars. Michael Afton (also known as Mike Schmidt, Fritz Smith & Eggs Benedict) is the main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. The first one, born in England, a genius in robotics and owner of a wealthy company. William Afton is a character in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's film and presumably the film's main antagonist. Plus, William was killing children before The Daughter/Baby was killed, before Michael gets killed. He was mentally unhealthy, yet the people he was closest to gave him the benefit of the doubt and even helped encourage his disgusting needs. I always believe that his parents were abusive, and mistreated him often. Later on, William ran into Dave once more, and framed him for murder. Charlotte "Charlie" Emily was the daughter of Henry Emily, who was murdered by William Afton after she was locked out of a Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. Dexter was all alone, his life went to shit, the rest of his Family was gone and he tried to find the only one, who wasn't confirmed as dead, but missing. William Afton founded the in-game Freddy’s franchise, forming the company with business partner Henry Emily in the early 1980s. I think William Afton killed those 6 kids because of the death of Chris and Elizabeth. Michael Afton/The Crying Child. It was reported that Paul Wight, Sr. On his father's death in 1035, William was. Hard Golden Freddy mode, Michael Afton, speaks to his father William Afton. They are the friends-turned-enemies of the Emily Family. He is the creator of the Sister Location animatronics and is the former owner of Afton Robotics, LLC and Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. William's father was a doctor and he was extremely busy , so William's grandmother was the one who took care of William most of the time. William Afton is an evil and cunning man who cares only for his own children. Afton Family is the family ship between William Afton, Michael Afton, Elizabeth Afton and Crying Child from the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom. the bullies wearing Bonnie mask, Chica mask, and Freddy mask. Afton Williamson (born September 7, 1984 [1]) is an American actress, best known for the lead role of Police Officer Talia Bishop in the ABC series The Rookie and as Assistant District Attorney Alison Cacao Medding in the Cinemax original series Banshee. Purple Guy/William Afton Sprite Five Nights at Freddy's Inspired Embroidered Patch (817) $ 7. Marine, former gun shop owner, and convicted child molester. Starting out as a cruel bully, after accidentally killing his brother, he decided to …. His father abused him, his mother and siblings for years until one day he got in a fight with him, almost brutally murdering him with his own bare hands in blind rage. She is the daughter of Henry Emily and Emilie Emily, and the twin sister of Sammy Emily. , also known as Vanny, is a follower of the digital virus Glitchtrap, a form of the serial killer William Afton, and is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. Especially the ones that love you a lot. What appears to be William Afton ushering guests into Five Nights at Freddy's: The Ride. Unlike Mike, when Jeremy is killed, the Game Over screen is viewed from Jeremy's. William Afton is the co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment, as well as the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. And I've also been debating how the timeline works out. The Afton Family are major characters in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. William doesn't care about his kids (cause why would. Remember you can always share any sound with your friends on. He will return in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2. She is the one possessing Circus Baby/Ennard. The last but least prominent member of the family is his unnamed wife, Mrs. William would kill kids at Fredbear's and Henry would kill kids at Freddy's so that Freddy's could never overtake them. Michael Afton is the main protagonist of the FNaF VHS series by Squimpus McGrimpus. William Afton Stuck in a Room with FNAF 1 for 24 Hours ft. He is the son of Gino Valentino and Heidi Valentino, and an unofficial employee for his father's chain of family-owned restaurants, Pizza Hut. The movie’s going to have its own story. He killed the missing children to experiment with life after death. Pieces of her past, both good and bad, still linger there. It was very fun to make and reading all of your comments. I'm still here!Gregory Gregory is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach and a major character of its DLC expansion Ruin. Undoubtedly, the principal villain of the FNAF world is William Afton, AKA "Purple Guy. Detective Larson is talking in his sleep… Meeting Afton: Act II! · I did this a week ago and dunno why I didn't post it. Once William made Circus Baby's Pizza World , Elizabeth begged her dad to go to the mascot Circus Baby that was designed in her likeness, but he refused to let her go, as William had secretly built the robot in order to satisfy his desires of killing children, as he could no longer do it in person now being a …. But that's not right, he's too selfish to do that there's no way! Once again, wrong. William Afton Emojis & Text Copy & Paste William Afton Emojis & Symbols j. Father Like Son by Creative_Pan. Initially co-creating the Freddy Fazbear franchise, Afton used his. If a comprehensive definition of evil were to be given, then it would certainly be William Afton. Michael went to the Freddy locations to. For those who aren't aware of this terrifying figure, William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's series. Vincent Afton is the posthumous overarching antagonist of Five Nights At Freddy’s: The Four Parts, serving as the main antagonist of The Beginnings, the overarching antagonist of The Cost of Business, an unseen minor antagonist of Family Ties and a minor antagonist of New Generations. He is the former co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment, the business partner of Henry Emily and the father of Michael Afton, Elizabeth Afton and the Crying Child. He also wants people to feel his pain. Find more sounds like the Springlocked (william afton death) [FNaF SFM] one in the memes category page. 2 - Just because Henry killed himself in the books doesn't mean he did the same in the games. His Past goal: After Henry made a deal with Fazbear Entertaiment, William was jealous for his friend decision, he wanted revenge, so he made the funtimes along with henry's help, but the funtimes were to kill and henry didn't know, in his advantage, william. Afton family meet William's father qwp. It began as a parody of the work of official FNaF artist PinkyPills**, but quickly became a collaborative project with its …. He sees a man in a Spring Bonnie costume lure him backstage, and he follows out of curiosity. Henry Emily was William Afton’s business partner and co-founder of both Fredbear’s Family Diner and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Sexuality: bisexual, Asexual Facts: none. Elizabeth Afton was the daughter of William Afton and the sister of Michael Afton. Henry’s father, Charles Miller, was a strict, authoritarian man with a number of bad habits, mainly, drinking. r/fivenightsatfreddys on Reddit: Afton Is Not Dead. Michael Afton's role, on the other hand, revolves around redemption and the attempt to rectify the grave errors of his father. In order not to disappoint his little girl, he would often give into her persuasion, unless when it involved Baby. He was a serial killer, characterized by sadism and depravity, which even led to the collapse of his own company. Formerly a troublesome teenager who constantly sought validation from his neglectful father, Michael has since reverted to a hollow shell of his former self following the death of his younger brother in the Bite of '83- …. Baby, also referred to as Elizabeth by her father, William Afton, is the secondary antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series. Vital records: William Afton at +Archives. Charlotte Emily was born to her father, Henry, presumably a few years before he and William Afton established Fredbear's Family Diner, the precursor to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and its numerous successors. So Baby's AI did what she was programmed to do. In 1983, Michael begins to bully his little brother, Crying Child, jumping out and scaring him while wearing a Foxy mask. But still he let him to his house. Evan Afton, also known as Crying Child, Is the Main Protagonist of FNaF 4 Minigames and the 6 nights Appearance [] Bite Victim is around 4 …. William Afton: "We both wanted to love… Your father loved and now I have loved. Gain custody over her children. Evan Afton is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and the victim of the Bite of '83. William Afton is the overarching antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series, serving as the titular overarching protagonist of The Man in Room 1280 and the secondary antagonist of Stitchwraith Stingers. The Orange Guy's identity, as well as Midnight Motorist's general significance as a whole, is currently an enigma. Well, I can't a second into this without mentioning Midnight Motorist. Crazy William Afton | Dave Miller; Unscooped Michael Afton; Michael Afton-Centric; Michael Afton Needs a Hug; Michael Afton is a Mess; Vanessa A. William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy among other names, is the main antagonist of the ScottGames era of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. William Afton was the founder of Afton Robotics, LLC. stickninja1015 • Eternally arguing •. Oswald is the protagonist of Into the Pit, the first story from Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Five nights at Freddy's security badges. Midnight Motorist Theory: We play as William's Father">Midnight Motorist Theory: We play as William's Father. Cassidy Boseman is a major character in BlueyCapsules. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In the story, he was kidnapped by William Afton in a costume room during Halloween at Fredbear's Family Diner with Charlotte Emily as the one who witnessed that event. From the best of my knowledge considering it's been about 4 year's since I've last seen a FNaF theory about the. PJ Heywood is a voice actor that voices characters for the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Cheese-style restaurant with his partner Henry, and is also a serial killer. William and his wife has two sons, one of which they named Michael Afton, and a daughter, whom they named Elizabeth Afton. He indirectly killed Elizabeth via Baby. Who Is the Father of The Big Show?. SUBSCRIBE to the Channel! -https://www. It might be that different versions of spring Bonnie have different eye colors. Also, Gregory has a striking resemblance to the Crying Child. William’s son, Michael Afton, possibly bullied his younger brother and caused his untimely death. This could also be replayed by editing the save files. You start by controlling the puppet, given the instructions to touch a child with a green accessory. Based off of descriptions from Scott Cawthon's "The Silver Eyes", these models are Afton as the slightly obese Business Man, and when he went under the alias of "Dave Miller" after the murders. RafKen593 Theory Theorist • 7 mo. The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise’s main human adversaries are the Afton family. The game begins with an interviewer questioning William Afton (voiced by PJ Heywood), co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment Inc. If he’s not in the movie, that doesn. One of his friends told him about an Escape room like game about the past killing Animatronics and he went there in hopes to find clues to find his Father. The Afton family’s actions have had a significant impact on Five Nights at Freddy’s. The names were: William Afton and Henry Emily. Henry built the Puppet animatronic to protect children at the pizzerias, specifically Charlotte, from any harm. Michael is Afton's courageous son, who rebelled against him due to William's criminal record of killing endless people. It is believed to be an unknown board member speaking to …. Ballora, and their three children, Michael, Elizabeth, and Chris. The Missing Children are a group of children who were kidnapped from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and murdered by William Afton. The eldest daughter of Oracene, Yetunde Price, was murdered in 2003. Does William Afton hate Michael? William doesn’t hate Michael he just doesn’t know how to show how much he loves him. If Afton's playing fair, the first phase of the fight will be against Chica, Monty and Roxy in a random order. William Afton Emojis & Text. Afton and his father named William Afton. Using the theory that Micheal=FoxyBro, if you were recognized as a murderer everywhere you went for killing your younger sibling I'm sure you would want to go unnoticed, therefore changing his name might have been his strategy. The Crying Child is Golden Freddy. He wears a blue t-shirt with a pale blue collar and two. Some have suggested he did it out of spite or jealousy towards Henry or to twist his life, as there's a theme of him corrupting Henry's creations by twisting them into something evil. Her nose shape is straight, and has thin lips. Clara Afton, mother to 1 child, passed away in October 1972 at age 97. He is a founding member and President of the Tokyo Manji Gang, the younger brother of Shinichiro Sano, the founder and the very first president of the Black Dragons, and the half-brother of Emma Sano. A behind the scenes render of Springtrap with the head and torso removed to show William's remains inside. -William Afton/Spring Bonnie leads the group of children to the Parts and Service room at …. William Afton is the old business partner of Henry Emily, helping him in opening up both Fredbear's Family Diner and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, while also owning his own company, Afton Robotics. Throughout the series, he creates the twisted …. and also a reply to the main comment, william afton caused all of his children to …. #digital art #animation #fnaf #michael afton. 1K 22 (This story begins in the year 1983, but CC and Elizabeth don't die, and William is just a terrible father, because I can't write about death or murder to save my life. You were the Youngest And You're The Favorite Child Of Mrs And Mr Afton. In the real world, his father is replaced by Spring Bonnie, but no one except Spring Bonnie realizes it. Vincent Afton the 3rd (eldest Brother) Micheal Afton (adopted eldest Brother) Allies. All you FNaF Lore Elitists just know I am aware of the correct order but chose to chan. Basically, Michael was walking around because he heard that a giant bunny was spotted around there { there being where ever they are in the video } so he wen. She was born in 1948, on the 15th of March [Pisces]. Moon, also known as Moondrop, is a major antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach and a minor antagonist in both its sequel DLC, Ruin, and the Tales from the Pizzaplex anthology novel series. Freddy is an animatronic bear and the mascot of the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. When did William Afton die? : r/fivenightsatfreddys. Bad Parent William Afton | Dave Miller. Choose meme Afton Family (Choose mom or dad) William Afton and Clara Afton Next episode:Part 2: Choose meme Part 2Link: https://www. In canon, he is the one responsible for the murder of The Missing Children. He was indifferent to their existence at best and abusive at worst. Older brother: Michael Afton/Another Purple man Younger brother:Louis Afton/Fredbear. They show up during the Night 5 minigame of FNaF 3, as well as the minigames of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Unfortunately, the Afton apple doesn't fall far from the tree. be/jMw0CVciy7g〕=====Music - Mama I'm a criminal〔https://youtu. Funny story: the Afton children are only biologically related on Will’s side. She adores her father and becomes obsessed with his creations. William Afton was the founder of Afton Robotics, LLC and co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. He is an eccentric British businessman and engineer, as well as the former business partner and best friend of Henry Emily, and …. Michael Afton is The Crying Child's Older Brother. However, this creates a plot hole, as Vanessa was born at the very earliest in the early 2000's, at a time where William had presumably already died inside Spring Bonnie and turned into Springtrap. William was responsible for the killings of many children [7 in total and possibly 10] which those who are victims to William have possessed the various animatronics within the Series. Mike was forced to live with a single mother struggling. This is the only cutscene that the player has no control in that isn. Michael will have been adopted by Henry Emily after William dies. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. And as a rule in the FNAF universe if you die your soul is either bound to a place or a robot. Good Parent William Afton | Dave Miller; Protective William Afton | Dave Miller; Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; What if his family had a set of triplets, and what if the eldest of those triplets had gone mad trying to prove her dad's innocence and brought her friends from the Hermitcraft and Life Series worlds, as well as her friend. Eggs Benedict is Michael Afton. Michael Afton was a technician for Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental, security guard for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and son of serial killer William Afton. Why DID William kill those kids? :: Five Nights at Freddy's: …. At some point he met and married a woman. Her hair is brunette which is tied back to puffy pigtails. The fictional Afton family has a wide range of ages, the family patriarch William is said to be 35 to 56 years old based on his appearances in different books, novels. The second child is (Redacted) C. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is a rather simple explanation of how to make sense of the Immortal and the Restless (in which a purple clad monster man rejects his purple clad monster kid but relents in the end), the fact that Michael has never been called an Afton, as well as the fact that Michael addresses William as "father. Fredbear's is a family diner, reminiscent of ShowBiz Pizza Place and Chuck E. r/fivenightsatfreddys on Reddit: Cassidy Afton. The only thing that humanize William Afton was he care about Elizabeth don't come close of Baby, but i don't think he order this because he love her, in the comics and the books William Afton REALLY doens't really care about her after all. (I'm sure there are other lines pointing …. Trivia [] Terrence Afton is kind of. Henry had help creating the company with his best friend and business partner, William Afton, who was also the owner and founder of his own company, Afton Robotics, LLC. He only vaguely resembles a human in shape, as he has a head, a torso, two arms, and two legs. Afton is visualized as a tall, abnormal purple. Please do not add speculations about Mrs. William Afton did love his children, despite what one may think. If William had died before then, how could he have killed more kids in the establishment in 1987. Their age important to help find out the. Henrys Father is abusive; Henry Emily was abused; Summary. A charismatic businessman, Afton and his wife had three children: Michael Afton, Elizabeth Afton, and a third young son only referred to as the Crying Child. She is voiced by Amber Lee Connors. See Dave (disambiguation) for other uses. Like mostly anything involving FNaF, Michael's personality is mostly …. Scrap-Trap is considered one of the most kindness in the Disney Sequels. bit by Fredbear mouth and went into his coma and got killed by his father by pulling life support machine plug out of of wall. William Afton (Father) Elizabeth Afton (Younger sister) Michael Afton (Older brother) Unnamed mother. Founder & CEO of Fazbear Entertainment. if Midnight motorists is about the Aftons he seems pretty abusive to Michael or BV (depends who you believe is the kid in the room) He allowed CBEAR to give control shocks to baby knowing his daughter is inside. In Circus Baby's Minigame, Elizabeth wears a pink shirt with two black buttons, a blue skirt, black shoes and a red bow in her hair. came to Baby while she was alone and when her father was not there to stop her. In some AUs however, this is not necessarily the case. William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. However, he is a bit more younger. Elizabeth Afton & William Afton | Dave Miller (25) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (107) Fluff (97) The Crying Child is Named Evan Afton (73) Not Beta Read (66) Smut (56) Murder (52). Looking up at the fridge, one picture caught his eye. To dispel any misconceptions, it is crucial to emphasize that the Purple Guy is not Michael Afton; rather, he is Michael's father, William Afton. In FNaF 4 the crying child's name is Evan Afton from the Survival Books, he was either 7 or 9 when he died, he was close friends with Cassidy and both became Golden Freddy. William Afton's Death Scene [SFM FNaF]Subscribe with 🔔 to Ignited Animations for more FNAF!Animator CL3NR c 2 - https://www. 🎇 ︎~ ︎Read The Follow ︎~ ︎🎇💙 ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎~ ︎. ; The Crying Child bears a striking similarity to the fifth child in the Happiest Day minigame, with both being the birthday boys, and both being associated with the same animatronic. Michael Afton is a Hurricane, a hurricane that will never fall, a hurricane with no eye of calm. Cynical and apathetic, Cassidy isn't exactly a beam of sunshine, and she isn't afraid to throw hands, speak her mind, or both at the same time. The player then hears Baby’s voice repeating “you won’t die”, and Michael gets back up …. Terrence Afton is suspected to be Micheal Afton's (from sister location) past name. Ever since Michael found you …. Crying Child or the Bite Victim is the main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 minigames. Jackoff Addict (@JackOffAddict2). He is an amoral Serial Killer who targets children for nebulous reasons which only become. The Afton Family were once separated, but they have a chance to reunite againThey are all brought to a room and complete a 24 hours ChallengeHowever, this Ch. Oswald runs as fast he can to emerge in the current year. Delilah has dark, wavy shoulder-length hair, dark eyes and a large chin. The first video got 10,000+ likes!!! Thank you gu. Basically, you are a 25 year old woman and you are looking for a job with your best friend, Natalie. Just a quick filler while the actual new projects are b. William doesn't have an emotional connection to his family ">William doesn't have an emotional connection to his family. After his organs were ripped out by Ennard (A creature of mangled robotics), his body started to rot until his skin became purple, he lost his hair, and his eyes became. She is the only daughter and middle child of Boss Boseman, the younger sister of Gabriel Boseman, and the older sister of Jerry Boseman. He is able to lure five kids away, kills them, then hides there bodies in a place where they would never be found, hides them so they can never go home. - Father: - Siblings: William Afton, • History / Life [] Roses' full name is Roselle Anastasia Afton. William had three children with an unknown wife; his daughter Elizabeth Afton , his son Michael Afton , and an unnamed third son. He is the villainous main protagonist of the midnight motorist mini-game, and the main antagonist of "the beginning" and "finale. Man's literally alive in FNAF 6, for God's sake. Deep, articulate and expressive, this English-speaking accent is naturally absent any strong regional characteristics. Natalie found a job at Fredbears ectYou met a very attractive man dead. However, due to Scott Cawthon's mostly vague storytelling, a lot of this is based on speculation combined with known facts about the Afton Family and everything else. Michael Afton (also known as Mike Schmidt and Eggs Benedict) is the overall main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's video game franchise. Both deaths were 100 percent his fault but "hands off;" maybe he gets a sick thrill from tempting kids into disaster so he can then say it wasn't his fault. Mullet Boy ♡ | micheal afton x rea by Stunna. It's possible she's the same entity as Spring Bonnie , as both of them are connected to the ball pit, are described to have dead eyes and seem to attack. He is the son of Fazbear Entertainment's co-founder and malicious serial killer William Afton. How exactly is William Afton still alive. in the movie, I believe they’re not doing the afton family storyline, I think that william afton will not be mike’s dad, and mike is actually Mike Schmidt, not Michael Afton. William Afton was still a regular human being at that point (he didn't get springtrapped until after FNAF1), and since he was never caught for the murders, he would be living in a normal house and still be a part of society with regular human habits (or at the very least, as regular as a child-murdering psychopath can have). William Afton is the killer of most, but, not all, of the dead children in the FNaF Franchise, (except Elizabeth Afton, who he indirectly killed by accident behalf of Circus Baby,) responsible for the deaths of the children that would go on to possess the main animatronics in the series. Under all the sunshine and rainbows, however, the cogs and gears that kept William Afton going were starting to loosen and rust. Who is FNAF’s William Afton? William Afton founded the in-game Freddy’s franchise, forming the company with business partner Henry Emily in the early 1980s. Rose was an educated girl, but childish as well. Is the Afton family real people?. Eleanor is the one of the four main antagonists in the franchise that has the role for the entire spin-off and not a single entry, alongside William Afton, his novel counterpart, and the Mimic.